June 3, 2023

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Horror in Volos: Pitbull owner lets dog swallow kitten – shocking video – Newsbomb – News

In an incident recorded in a central playground in Volos, in fact, new images of the horrific abuse of a stray animal in front of the horrified eyes of passers-by and children present at the scene. , at the time of the cruel act, will cause disgust.

According to information of GRT TimesOwner of pit bull trespassing on playgroundIt has a sign forbidding the entry of humans with dogs, much less a specific breed considered aggressive, whose dog may devour an errant kitten. 1 year old before the fearful eyes of a loving woman who fed and cared for her every day.

The complainant and witness of the incident stooped down and freed the unfortunate kitten from the dog’s teeth, then went to the Volos Police Department to file a police report and the case to reach the prosecutor. Police also collected the necessary exhibits after a complaint from the dead kitten.

Watch the video – Attention! Difficult pictures:

This is not the first time a pit bull has been allowed to attack a cat

According to reports, the owner of the pit bull will be fined 300 euros, however, as neighbors have stated in their testimonies, this is not the first time such an incident has happened. “This particular woman seems to be treating this cruelty as a sport. Because he is said to have already done this. For some unknown reason, it drowns the dog and devours the kittens. We don’t know exactly what pleasure she derives from such a cruel act, but in any case, her pet license should be revoked as she is dangerous,” they said.

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Meanwhile, the complainant is said to have persistently asked her to leave the fenced playground she had trespassed into, even though she thought she was being threatened, resulting in him pointing at the barking dog and telling her “come in if you want”.

For his part, the complainant’s lawyer Anastasios Dukas insists in his statements. GRT Times, When the complainant is expected to file a complaint based on Law 4039/2012 on the protection of domesticated and stray animals, how all legal procedures will be followed.

In addition, the well-known lawyer appeals to anyone who knows anything related to contact him or send a message to his personal Instagram profile.