May 30, 2023

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How Kasidiaris saved us, The Right Call, Erdogan, Kambouridis in … Nautiko and the intrigues in Elliniko

WelcomeFinally, it has been proven that if latest “government move” With modification so that Kasidiaris case On the 10-judge bench – not the 5-judge bench – now Maybe it was during the elections his party. One vote for Zenricus and the other for the magistrate who voted for the “Greeks” led by Cassidiaris, two votes. So…they were looking for someone else to pass 3-2 by the “small electoral court”. or not;


– However, the person who made an impression the day before yesterday was Constitutional Alivizatos Which revealed that SYRIZA retracted the drafting of a joint memorandum between ND, Syria and Basques against Kasidiaris. The question is, beyond the moral question, whether this whole “pass” with the alt-right will ever be substantiated Without a winning century. I’m so scared, but I can’t think of a reason.

Lunge to the right

– pollsters tell us so In the focus groups they found a hum from the old right for the first ballot. “Classical right-wingers always whine first, they want their time and their tokens,” my source tells MM. That is why a joint event is planned for Tuesday in Zapion, Mitsotakis, Samaras, Karamanlis. Samaras is in high spirits, the source says about Karamanlis (Ravinas) “give against Tsipras and take soul” as I don’t know how happy he is, but the truth is that he not only creates problems but It says everywhere that ND will win comfortably.


“What is happening in Türkiye?” I asked a serious source about the outcome of the election and what we should expect. “Listen, I think Erdogan will probably lose, it’s the erosion of the years of government and the economy. And then, of course, they will enter the IMF adventure anyway. If he (Erdogan) wins, don’t expect him to sit quietly with us because he is sitting now, before the elections. Will freak out again». “So, we are with Kilintsaroglou?”I asked, to get the answer. “It’s also a very mysterious case, though we wouldn’t be at the top of his agenda, anyway We will find Türkiye again in front of us Sooner than it seems.” Expected, but always dangerous especially if we don’t have a stable government.

Alpha Bank’s triple plan

– on June 7 at Investor Day organized by Alfa BankVassilis Psaltis, CEO of the bank presents the bank’s new business plan for the period 2023 – 2025. The management defines the pillars of its development plan based on the further exploitation of the comparative advantages of Alfa Bank, that is, the bank with its traditionally good and close relations with the world-class company and the experience it possesses in the fields of investment, bancassurance and private banking , etc. Moreover, the new alpha strategy Focuses with emphasis on the foreign markets in which the bank is currently present, namely Romania, Cyprus and London.

Wood Road and Goldman Sachs offerings

– ahead δύο shows the way. The first will be held in Athens wood On May 11th and 12th. And the second to her Goldman Sachs for the financial industry and is scheduled for June 13-15 in Paris.

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“Expelled” is the Managing Director of Goldman Sachs

– And because the conversation came to Goldman Sachs, I remembered that perhaps in recent months I heard it He grumbles about the Pakistani-born analyst From Goldman Sachs, which was presented as “oppressing” a certain systemic bank in one of the investment house’s reports. for this reason, Walid Mohsenas confirmed by the company representing GS in Greece in media matters, but also through his LinkedIn profile, remains in place And already not as a simple analyst, but as the head of banking and financial research for the geographical area that includes our country, as well as as the general director of global investment research at Goldman Sachs. In fact, the GS report was signed a few days ago on Greek banks (dated 27/5) by Mohsen and Mikhail Potkov, although the latter, as noted, handles the main coverage of the four Greek banks. Instead, after the report on 1/17, the name of the equity research associate, the Ashwath Ptwho was educated at the London Stock Exchange, no longer appears in Goldman’s reports on Greek banks.

It’s time to launch Skyline with 573 properties

Details expected in June Premiere of the Skyline project With a total of 573 properties, following Alpha Bank’s agreement with the Dimand-Premia duo. Dimitris Andriopoulos, CEO of Dimand, yesterday, in the context of offering the company on the stock exchange, and although he was asked about it, he avoided many details so that the surprise would be saved next June. But what he said was that receipt from the Skyline real estate investment scheme It will take place in 5 stages. Starting June 2023 for the first package Whilst pre-sales of the range of properties for sale are showing that they are doing very well both in terms of the number and value of sales. It should be noted here that, based on the terms of the agreement, which has already been announced, the real estate portfolio will be transferred to the Skyline company. There will be shareholders of 65% joint scheme recommended by Dimand and Premia (in proportions of 75% -25%, while later it is planned that EBRD will also enter, with Dimand reducing its percentage by 23%) and the remaining 35% will be controlled by Alpha Bank Same, while out of the total 573 properties of the package About 75 properties will be kept for use and exploitationand proceeding with a phased sale of the remainder in the coming years.

Dimand Strategic Cooperation – National Insurance

-the D.Andriopoulos He was also asked yesterday about what was stated in the financial statements for the year 2022, that is, within the framework of broader cooperation, the National Insurance Company fully covered, on March 28, the issue of Deman bonds in the amount of 10 million euros, for a period of 3 years and at a fixed interest rate of 8%. mentioned itrelates to part of a broader collaboration, Without being able to say more for now, it’s a strategic collaboration.”

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Greek: 7.64 million for a plot of land and 4.68 million for an apartment

– I see them Lambda development results for the year 2022 which includes the company’s estimates of total gross revenue from property sales in Elliniko based on data from sales development. So according to them, The total income from selling 28 plots of land will reach 214 million. Which means that each plot of land (excluding taxes, notaries, etc.) cost the owner €7.64 million. to 170 apartments in the tower (Riviera Tower) Lambda expects total revenues to reach 625 million euros The average apartment price is 4.68 million euros. You don’t say much.

Kambouridis… going to the navy

-after disturbance That followed the “divorce” of Dolphin Capital Partners of Miltos Kambouridis (DCP) from the English company Dolphin Capital Investors due to the well-known case of Amanzoe’s 15% stake in Porto Heli, DCP decided (as it turns out) that its expansion … prospects. Therefore, by a decision of the general assembly of shareholders on April 24, the company’s objectives were increased by one. Who is this; Rental and leasing of water transport equipment. This development is not a big surprise, if we consider that Miltos Kambouridis is married to Marina Fernico, from a family known to have cats. Otherwise, the remaining items remain the same. Specifically: providing capital management and investment advisory services to third parties, establishing, developing, buying and selling any type of company, real estate, investment capital and any other investment scheme and for the same reason as acquisition, disposal and management of shares and property rights in general and shares of companies or shares participating in Legal entities, joint ventures and in general domestic or foreign business. So Dolphin Capital Partners in addition to the land, It also faces the sea.

“Dive” Kyriakoulis

And after we opened the chapter with yachts and marine, we note that the company is famous for managing pleasure boats and tourist ports KyriakolesYesterday was at the close of the stock exchange session by one majestic -23%. The reason, the financial results for 2022 which, despite the excellent trajectory of tourism last year, … are remarkable. Despite the increase in revenues, the large provisions it took and “other expenses” of 3.9 million (against 1.8 million euros in 2021) affected the results, and thus the losses before tax jumped to 2.7 million. From € 1.9 million in 2021. Also, net working capital at the end of 2022 was negative (from positive in 2021), the decrease in equity compared to 2021 is also significant, while the group’s claims now amount to 45.92% of the total assets. but Pay off large debt obligations and increased its profit margin.

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Two are board listed by E Capital Market.

– When the last day to publish financial results is a holiday, the deadline is permanently moved to the first business day. This happened at the end of April, May 1st was a holiday so the deadline was moved to May 2nd. So, yesterday The SEC did the math and delisted two listed companies: one was barbaric, because the legal auditor expressed a reservation. In these cases, the stock remains out of circulation for a period of ten days during which Varvaresos management must determine what it plans to do to manage the problems. The second list is Lebanon which declared its inability to prepare the financial statements. In this case, he remains off the board until he releases the financial statements.

I miss Mario Draghi more than ever…

– The Federal Reserve made its decisions yesterday. today in europe, Lagarde will announce that from now on she will accept deposits at the European Central Bank At an interest rate of 3.25% but will lend to banks at 4%. At the same time, the inflation rate was 6.9%. In Europe, the 10-year note currently carries an interest rate of 2.25%, which is 40 basis points lower than the 2-year rate (2.64%). Conclusion; Banks in Europe avoid long-term lending (and thus investment). The problem with markets, both in the West and in the East, is that They don’t trust central bankers. They consider them to be part of the political system, not the economic system. In the past, Mario Draghi spoke and everyone was silent. Powell speaks today And everyone argues (for their money) in his assertions.

Mortgage Mark Zuckerberg

The banking system in the United States is shrinking. Today, the 15 largest US banks control 75% of the country’s deposits. Soon they will control 90%. The “small and smart” banks that served wealthy Americans are raising the white flag and giving in to the big ones. First Republic Bank, in 2012, did a refinancing Facebook founder mark mortgage for his luxurious home Palo Alto, at an interest rate of 1.05% for a period of 30 years. At the time, the interest rate on 30-year bonds was 3.5%. Today, Palo Alto is worth less than it was in the past, mainly because it is 6 times more expensive to finance its purchase. This type of banking services no matter how dependent on it “Personal service with a smile”He has no future.

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