December 7, 2022

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How to find your cell phone if it is in silent mode

It just so happened that everyone lost it cell phone Inside their house or car and they can’t find it because it’s on silent mode.

However, there are ways to find it, and very easy ways at that.

Android and iOS steps

First, if you have a device Androidthen you can use it google device manager. What should you do? You are accessing this app from another device. You can for example use a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. By sending a certain signal to the mobile phone, through a process, it bypasses the silent mode and the mobile phone starts ringing normally.

More specifically, you log into the account Gmail from and select the desired action (Ring). You can even set the volume to maximum to make sure you hear the sound.

The solution for iOS devices works the same way. Entry iCloud From another iOS device and select the function “find my phone”, you can also select the audio that your mobile phone will play to find it. It hits so hard that it is impossible not to detect it.

If you don’t currently have either program, there is a simple way to locate it. What you can do from any device is try to find it through the music and listen to it through the speaker. How does this work? Radiation interference helps you find your lost device.

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