June 1, 2023

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“I also dealt with my feminine side.”

Stavros Svigos was a guest on Grigoris Arnautoglu’s show “The 2 Night Show”.

The talented actor and presenter talked about the different roles in his life, his childhood in the family auto workshop, his studies as an engineer and his “transition” to acting, among others.

“If I were born again, I would like to be a woman. I want it so much,” Grigoris Arnatoglu said during the interview on the occasion of a photo posted on Instagram by the famous actor.

“Why did some people find it strange that you said you dealt with your feminine side? Me, too, dealt with my feminine side,” said the “The 2 Night Show” host.

For his part, Stavros Svigos commented: “You understand that she is also a shopaholic. They asked me about the photo and I said with humor, but it is also true that “I have dealt with my feminine side.” That I wear glasses that look more feminine and a towel on my head. The photo does not hide any message And no thinking behind it. As I said it provocatively about the harm done to us for so many years by generations that promoted the mekila and the bald man and did not look at our sensibilities.”

“A man who moves from beating his wife to anything, is more dangerous than everyone, and he who has lost control. This must stop and cut off. I wanted to touch on the topic of male respect for the female sex. I also believe in equality 100% and I will not say that women are above me and neither am I.” Above it,” the actor added.

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“If I was born again, I would like to be a woman. I want it so much,” Grigoris Arnatoglu finally commented on this stage.