March 30, 2023

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“I did not order sick leave to the inspector” – the doctor refused pleurisy

Health Minister Thanos Pleuris left hints that PASOK candidate Nikos Houdoras, director of neurosurgery in Volos, had ordered Larisa’s inspector of station masters to be on sick leave after the tragedy.

An uproar erupted after it came to light that the station master inspector at Larissa rushed to take sick leave hours after the train accident, while the bodies were still being collected.

The issue has also created a political uproar in the last few hours, following an urgent inquiry duly ordered by the Health Ministry. Because Nikos Houdoras, the director of Volos’ neurosurgery clinic, allegedly issued a sick leave order to the boss of the dangerous station master who put him on shift despite his lack of experience, a PASOK. The candidate should get their rights today on social media with photos of him together with President Nikos Androulakis.

Health Minister Thanos Pleuris was quick to emphasize his quality, Mr. Hautouras dropped hints of involvement, although he categorically denied the minister.

PASOK is on the attack, accusing Thanos Pluris, together with Adonis Georgiadis, of sticking to the path of distributing the scripts, the Greek people mourning, and Thanos Pluris.

During his autopsy at the scene of the tragedy, Mr. Houdouras is behind Nikos Androulakis

The doctor refuses

Nikos Houdouras categorically denied the allegations made by Health Minister Thanos Pleuris, clarifying that he did not issue the sick leave order, which did not contain his name. The director of neurosurgery insists that the examiner was examined by the doctor who was performing the surgery at the time and that everything was within the framework of clinical protocol.

However, the supervising physician signing the sick leave, Mr. Haudoras only accepts what he says, and in fact the leave does not bear his name. But the person who signed the referral with a diagnosis of “severe low back pain” was Mr. He says Houdora’s and then the supervisor signs off on sick leave.

An observer of all this justifiably wonders how it is possible for someone of party status to be involved in this all the time and everywhere in Greece.

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