February 6, 2023

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I Tried The Game Awards Photoshop Guy On Stage, But…

A few hours ago, the official account of Game Awards On Twitter, she shared an interesting fact, emphasizing that FromSoftware They are the first development team to win two game of the year awards since the show’s inception. So, wanting to congratulate his beloved studio, he shared a snapshot of the moment Hidetaka Miyazaki delivered his speech. Except there was something strange about the picture…

As users immediately noted in the comments, The Game Awards tried to Photoshop remove the unknown man from the image who appeared on stage with the game developers, blurring the center of the image. The result was unbelievable and of course it was immediately followed by hilarious responses from social media users.

In case you didn’t know what happened, while this year’s The Game Awards 2022 went pretty much without issues, at the last minute, during the Game of the Year award, an unknown man decided to take the stage and make a really surprising statement.

More specifically, the anonymous present melded with FromSoftware’s Hidetaka Miyazaki team and after everyone else had made their remarks, took to the microphone and dedicated the award to his “reformed orthodox rabbi, Bill Clinton.” The incident, which led to the young man being arrested by the police, instantly went viral on social media, spawning countless memes and now… bad photoshop!

Below you can find the related post and some user responses.

Twitter user feedback:

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