February 6, 2023

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“I was like a slave, the players and coaches didn’t talk to me.”

Rafik Tspor is a streamer on Game Night with Pantelis Vlachopoulos and Themis Kaisaris. The veteran Algerian forward from AEK and Olympiakos has spoken about what he’s done with his career, revealing shocking stories with Dusan Bajevic’s heroes, Nacho Skoko, while also falling in love with Ernesto Valverde.

Interesting interview was done before Rafik Jabbour in game night with Panteley flachopulos And the Themis Caesar. The veteran Algerian striker from AEK and Olympiakos has spoken out about his career, revealing shocking stories with Dusan Bajevic’s heroes, Nacho Skoko, while also being Ernesto Valverde’s idol.

At the same time, he referred to the way he left the federation, the collaboration with Kevin Mirallas at Olympiacos, but also in general what he saw at the World Cup.

Data in detail:

For the World Cup:

“I think this World Cup has a lot of surprises, there are no small teams except Qatar. Most of the teams have improved.”

On his soccer philosophy:

“I have my own philosophy on how to play football. I am a winner. I only thought about how to win. Not in a bad way but in a good way.”

For the Algerian national team:

I think playing for the Algerian national team is very difficult. Where 5 or 6 journalists go, we used to go with 110. The pressure on African countries is very great. Because we are playing for our state.”

As for the pressure they had:

“The responsibility of the African player is to bear the burden of his family first and foremost. The Greek, when he plays for Olympiacos, will bear the burden of the team. The African bears the burden on his family, so how will he financially cover his family? This is difficult in addition to the pressure you feel from the team you are playing for.”

On whether he supports other teams in Africa:

“Of course I exist because where I grew up, there are only Africans. We are like family. I don’t have a problem. We are the last person with South Americans who are like…brothers. In Europe they are more selfish. We only have a great rivalry with Egypt.”

Why didn’t Zidane play for the Algerian national team?

“They said he’s slow and that we have 100 like him in Algeria. He played in the second national team in France, when he wanted to go to the national team Algeria won the African Cup. We had players and they didn’t choose Zidane. I don’t think it will be good for Zidane, we also had the civil war. We weren’t thinking about football, we had dead people.”.

80% of what they wrote about me was lies

About how everyone feels about him and how he is…a terrorist?

“It didn’t bother me. That was a common term, and politically it might have been a problem. I never spoke to journalists, I was in my own world, because my dream was to play football. I didn’t talk much about who I was and what I am, it wasn’t Which I like reporters to do, and I kept my distance, and I paid for it. They wrote to me very easily. Won’t write much [email protected]

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80% were lies. He should have come to me and asked my opinion if something had happened. You know it doesn’t matter but the opinion of the team. The issue of journalists was a negative thing for me.

It didn’t affect me because I wasn’t interested in knowing what they thought. I don’t say this to insult you. If the coach tells me you’re not good, I won’t mind because we’re on the technical side. It bothers me that those who don’t know say that. I would like us to be more realistic in this space. Because people in Greece are totally fanatical. So if he knew the truth he would look at me otherwise not like a…terrorist.

It is difficult in our region and the pressure on journalists is enormous. Unfortunately in football, especially in Greece, but it’s not just here it’s a serious problem and I would like this to change. And I know stories from football that I can’t tell on TV.

About pressure on teams and players?

“I think in general those who control Greek football want to put pressure on everyone and it’s a shame because we have to be more cool. I’d like to see Greek football improve from the academies to the first teams. And you journalists have a lot of responsibility, you talk to the people. I’m left Greece is 30-40 years behind.If we fix the details, we will play better football, we will bring out the talents, we will not bring out the son of so-and-so, but the child who is in high school and cannot go to the academy.

I have said that I live in a utopia, but I would like to see Greece as much as Portugal and Belgium. What else do they have? We must stop the rumors in Greek football. Let’s get players and then look for foreigners.”

For France’s image in the World Cup?

“France is tough and they have Mbappe and Dembele up front. Aston Giroud…has a plate up front. The best Benzema. He is the icon of Algerian football. Cristiano Ronaldo was on another level. There is no competition.”

About Ronaldo’s record and comparison with Messi?

“They are different. Messi plays smart, Latin football. Ronaldo went to England early, learned to play more dynamically and play more with the body.”

For the best player in the world?

“Zidane and Ronaldo were excellent. I was talking to Roberto Carlos and we said Messi is on top. He’s the best. If Ronaldo wasn’t suffering from injuries, he could be.”.

In our Jabbour league today?

“Personally, I don’t want another Jabbour, but different from me and good. Al-Arabi had great years and I loved him. I would like to see players who are more enthusiastic and delicious. Players who want to win.”

As for if he misses football?

“I miss him so much, it’s sick.”

I really liked Avraam Papadopoulos at Olympiacos

What would he do differently?

“To have my own coach. I’ve never been with nutrition, the gym, for me you play with the logic of going to play soccer. I didn’t do extra stuff. At this age I had a coach, a dieting girlfriend.”

Was he affected by the money he made?

“On the contrary. If I don’t have that money, how am I going to relieve myself from the pressure of my family. It’s important to have the passion and appetite so you don’t care about your contract. A player who fought every euro is easy when it’s a big contract is more mature. Nowadays when I’m a manager, I hear a few guys say I want to play football, they all talk about how much money they’re going to make.Because.. @kaul.

My family was not behind me. When I started playing at Auxerre I had 36 goals and Milan came with a big contract. But my family didn’t care, they wanted me to stay in Auxerre and I stayed there, and I got more money, three times what my father was getting at the time.”

As for whether he feels close to AEK or Olympiakos?

“Honestly, I can’t say I’m Olympiacos or AEK, nor Atromitos or Panionios. All the teams and my family helped me. I enjoyed wearing the AEK and Olympiacos jersey”

About whether he had people who helped him?

“I didn’t need to know what I’ve been through in my life and what to do”

Who will win the championship?

“Panathinaikos, that’s the great answer. They’re playing good football this year and we have to say that. I don’t think you can take that for granted, it’s still early. It will be decided in the qualifiers.”

As for who was the best opponent he faced?

I didn’t care who I would play with, who I would have against me. I was free and played my game.”

To his best team mates?

“I really liked Avraam Papadopoulos at Olympiacos. He’s great as a man and a fighter, he fights. I can tell I’m going to hell with him.”

Valverde is a leader, eh?Kevin and I were switching places on our own

To his best coach?

“Valverde. For me he’s an opera captain. He knows how to deal with every player. He’s calm. He doesn’t give you responsibility, pressure on shots and always makes you center, always. Always in your game.

Kevin and I were switching seats on our own. There is nothing better than getting out of position to confuse the defense. With movement you create danger, when you play hard you can’t threaten.

We didn’t have that much of a problem up front. Midfielders and defensemen had tactics. When you play up front, you should be free to run and chase the goal.”

About his relationship with Bajevic?

“I had pressure with Bagević because we didn’t even talk. I guess he didn’t want me on the team but he was putting me on the starting line. We had… our own Greek authorities. You don’t want that talk, that’s a good guy, just get me in the game. You didn’t.” He was talking directly to me. We never had a relationship. He chose her. Football no, as a character he didn’t like. From what he had heard he had options to put players in. I used to play as a winger.

How do you see it when you enter the house and they let you eat but they don’t talk to you? I had no information on how to play. But I didn’t care since I was playing. It was hard to play with someone who didn’t want me on their team.”

For derby matches?

What I can’t understand is how anxious and tense it can be in a derby. This is what you want to play in a full stadium, everyone is screaming and listing @. If you ask someone on the street where you want to play they will tell you in the derby, why worry.

If we have to push and beat the smaller teams it’s all good. These are the matches you have to win to win the championship.”

About whether he is thinking of writing a book?

“I’m thinking about it but I don’t know if I can because some people may not want to hear that. I could because my life was a story from the beginning and the end was what I wanted. To be a footballer. I hope if I do that it takes some People are an example.

As for whether he will stay in Greece?

“Yes, I love Greece, and I respect that this country has helped me, it has given me so much, and I also love the Greek mentality.”

For Konstantinos:

“PAOK has a winger that I like, Constantia, who plays without pressure.”

Scooko apologized to me, They waged war on me in my way

As for whether the story with Skoko is true?

“It’s true that after Skoko was injured, what happened, did a light bulb fall on him? He apologized to me so he knew he was wrong. I don’t feel any grudge and if I wasn’t wrong Skoko said he was happy to play at AEK and with his teammate Jebur. He crossed the line. But then it was Bajevic, Skoko, I couldn’t keep it all… I went crazy. I came with Demi and then Bajevic came and chose to go to war with me. If you played with me I would have made a terrible pair.

It’s hard to have a coach who doesn’t talk to you, an administration that wants to threaten you, Argentines who are a bunch, an Original representative who threatens you. They made me a slave. The players and coaches did not speak to me.

What should I wear… thong and play. I always wore pants. For ending with Skoko, apologize to me. Journalists inside AEK knew the truth and no one went out to tell it. They waged war on me on my way and I survived.”

How did he go to Olympiacos?

“I see Marinakis, Mr. Right and he says ‘come to my players’. I talked to my mother about what to do and she told me to stay in Greece and show who you are. You have Dzebour going to the World Cup, don’t keep him to sell later. We’re talking about a headless chicken.” I left without euros, and they got nothing. We have some ‘crabs’ in Greek football.”