December 6, 2023

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“I was wondering why it didn’t happen to me.”

“I was wondering why it didn’t happen to me.”



Oscar García spoke to Radio Catalunya about his daughter’s death and was shocked again. The Spanish coach asked several times why this did not happen to him, but to his only 21-year-old child.

In November 2022, grief spreads to Oscar Garcia’s family. The daughter of the former Olympiacos coach He passed away at the age of 21, due to cancer, which he had been battling with for many years.

The Spanish coach is still trying to pick up his pieces and stand up for his wife and two other daughters. In a new interview with Catalonia Radio He referred to the event that had crushed him and asserted that he had wondered many times why this had not happened to him, but to his child, whose whole life was ahead of him.


“I was wondering why it hadn’t happened to me. She had her whole life ahead of her… The battle with cancer lasted a few years, at first when she had the surgery we thought she was going to be OK.

But then there was a setback. Those were very difficult years. A few months before her death, doctors told us it was something that could happen.

“We are not the first to happen to him nor the last to happen. We are trying to accept it. There is no other medicine. It was a very hard blow because it is something abnormal in the flow of life, but we have to look forward because that is the only way you can move forward.”

We have to stay strong for our other two daughters. Adults often find strengths that children cannot imagine. I told my daughters that if we want to cry, we can and should. Who said we should always be strong? ”

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