December 7, 2022

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“I will be able to bring my child together and work together”

She is going through the most beautiful phase of her life Iwana TunisiaBecause in a few months she will give birth to her first child, the fruit of her love with him Dimitris Alexandru.

A few weeks before becoming parents, Demetrius and Ioana still live between Athens and Thessaloniki, with the well-known influencer often found in the capital and in the home of her lover.

A few days ago, in fact, the beloved couple also decorated their Christmas tree, hoping to get into the holiday spirit early, eagerly waiting for their child.

Iwana Toni is still very active on social media, as she loves to share everything with her online friends, both negative and positive.

Today was a difficult day for a pregnant woman, as she had many professional obligations, but at the same time she feels happy that she can work remotely and does not always need her physical presence.

“Besides the joke, how often do I think a large part of my work is done online through Google meetings, emails, calls, payments, bills, etc… so with more effort, I will be able to combine and work.”

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