February 6, 2023

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‘If the mayor of Paris does not accept our offer, we leave the Parc des Princes’

Barry St. Germain

Paris President Nasser Al-Khelaifi at the Champions League draw in Istanbul

Paris Saint-Germain made a bid to buy the Princes’ Park, but it is in constant confrontation with the municipal authority. Indeed, Nasser Al-Khulaifi said in his interview with Equipe that if the municipality does not accept the offer, the withdrawal is inevitable.

her strong man Paris Saint-GermainNasser Al-Khulaifi for the French newspaper Team Among other things, he threatened that the team would leave the Parc des Princes if the two sides did not reach an agreement.

The Parisians made an offer to the local authority in the French capital to buy the stadium, but there is a financial difference between the two sides.

Al-Khulaifi told the French newspaper in particular:I have a question. What is the Parc des Princes without Paris? no one. The mayor must be wondering what the team brings to the city of Paris. If they think we will invest 500 million euros, we can simply build another stadium.

I told the mayor that if they don’t accept our offer, we’ll leave. We do not threaten. We’ll shake hands, thank him, and leave“.

An alternative plan, if the two parties do not reach an agreement, is for Paris to play in the French stadium.

Previously, an associate of the mayor of Paris, Emmanuel Gregoire, reported on the matter: “We have not categorically ruled out the possibility of selling, but only at the right price. Paris offers 40 million euros. It is lower for Paredes. Really now do you think Parc des Princes is worth less than Paredes which was acquired for €50m?“.

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