December 3, 2022

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If you see these signs, it means that your mobile phone has been hacked

Do you see something strange on your mobile phone? These are the signs that you have been hacked

It may seem strange to you, but yes there are several cases of people hacking it cell phone Of course, it is not easy for anyone to figure this out on their own. But there are some signs collected by experts To put you under suspicion. what are these;

Your device sends or receives strange messages

If your friends receive messages that you didn’t send, something is wrong. The same is true with emails. Likewise, receiving messages that are not intended for you is a negative sign.

New apps are installed without your choice

Although the manufacturer of your device has the right to install a new application, while updating your software, if an application appears at an inappropriate time, you should suspect that something is wrong. It’s best not to open the new app until you do a Google search and are sure of its content.

Your device battery is draining very quickly

Sure, battery life decreases over time, but if we notice a sudden change, it could mean that some malware is running in the background, draining the battery faster.

Your device is getting hotter than usual

As before, when some malware is constantly running in the background, it causes the processor to overheat, to levels where it is now noticeable that something is going on.

Some sites look different than before

Many malware programs mediate between your device’s browser and the Internet, thus “reading” all the data you send and receive. This feature may affect the look of some websites.

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Some apps stop working normally

If this happens, malware may try to intercept data from it, affecting its smooth functioning.

Mobile phone bill “ exaggerated `

Professional hackers can take advantage of a weakness in your device and make calls to foreign lines that charge exorbitant amounts. The same goes for messages.

Pop-ups appear for no reason

Just like in our computers, malware in our mobile devices uses pop-ups to ask the user to take some action.