February 6, 2023

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Ilioupoli: Video Documentary With Pickpocket Who Killed Elderly Woman – Newsbomb – News

An unscrupulous criminal who snatches bags at the expense of elderly women is in the hands of the authorities. Iliopolis And Daphne. A woman died in one attack and she was seriously injured in the second. Newsbomb.gr brings to light a video document from the bloody robbery.

Video document Brings its advertising to light Newsbomb.gr, reveals her The act of a 36-year-old foreigner who stole bags from elderly women in Dafni and Iliopoli. One of them lost his life as a result.

Passed EL.AS Handcuffs to do criminal Friday night, as he was identified in robbery and theft cases in Attica.

In particular, the video document shows a 36-year-old man driving an 83-year-old woman riding a motorcycle in Dafni and Iliopoli. He stops for a moment as a car approaches, and when it does, he goes on his way.

As he approached her old lady, He caught her bag, The unfortunate girl fell down and hit her head from the tension. moved to Hospital and surrendered two days later Injuries her. The 36-year-old was identified and arrested by Southeastern Attica security officials.

It was learned that the sentence against him was pending 15 months imprisonment While he is involved in stealing a motorcycle for the heist, he is seen riding in the video during the robbery.

It is also worth noting that the second woman who stole his bag was injured in their fight.

Chronology of crime

I remember that evening Thursday, November 10, 2022 Inside Iliopolis In Attica, a motorcycle-riding criminal snatched an elderly pedestrian’s bag. As a result of the pull, the woman fell to the ground, resulting in severe head injuries, as a result of which she was taken to the hospital and died two days later.

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Plus, her evening Sunday 27 to Monday 28 November 2022, He stole a motorcycle in his area Iliopolis, After that, on the morning of November 28, 2022, a similar pedestrian grabbed a bag from an elderly woman and committed another robbery, which caused her serious injury (broken arm and hip damage).

The motor cycle detected Abandoned In her area Iliopolis, Returned to its owner by the police officers of the DIAS group of Southeast Attica, during a search of the house and commercial premises, clothes used by the arrested person during the robbery, 53 drug pills, two electronic scales and a mobile phone were found and confiscated.

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