November 29, 2022

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In Almeida’s mind: Like … AEK vs Olympiacos – Theme – Olympiacos – AEK

and now J. Karaiskakis for Eck! “Union”, and Sunday evening (11/13, 19:30) – distance credit that started raising money for football – want it Hadeer Her (this year) in his headquarters Olympiaco.

The its competitive principles Which – although it is fixed – does not rule it out DifferencesThe game plan and the absence “biceps” , … real AEK but also … Jungle which must not escape the minds of her friends.

The Analyzes … the yellow-black reality just before the derby.

The “to play her game“Who does not rule out… differences

Starting with their fifth-round match in Agnew, AEK began drawing praise – from its friends and not only – for its way of playing. Football dominationAnd the contemporarywith Competitive principles. A…style it The world wants to see it in “G. Karaiskakis”. And – as you alluded to Matthias Almeida in His words before the derby– He’ll see him.

However, the above This does not mean that differences are excluded. Even if the period of time that the Argentine technician spends in our country is relatively short, his actions (and secondly his words) are able to draw certain conclusions about his way of thinking.

In Almeida's mind: As ... AEK vs Olympiacos

On the one hand, It doesn’t stay connected to the systems. He confirmed that since pre-season and he has proven that from the start. It started with me Triple in defenseturn it into 4-2-3-1 And now settled in … hybrid 4-4-1-1. And as long as the latter is working, it looks like he’ll keep it. Without, of course, preventing him from changing it again if he deems it necessary.

On the other hand, there is a part of Competitive principles He wants to have his team. him too Folders that… are excluded from skew. But here you need to be careful: Differences Regarding the treatment it is not only adaptable, but considered necessary From “Bilados”. Something that also touches… its most basic principles, as it is a part of it urgent Who does not practice it at the same times in every match. “What we do is analyze opponents and all teams are different. If we repeat the same, they can figure out how we play. There were matches that we went into very hard and there was tension from the first minutes. In some matches we had to wait, in others we had to maintain tension. You can never do the same thing, because every team is different. And one very important thing: we don’t always succeed in what we try». Almeida’s special words a few hours before the derby.

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In short, the fact that AEK is a team that likes, for example, to play hard and press, does not mean that it does it in every match the same way. there is the OK. Philides Where he did it so hard from the first minutes, there’s also meadow Where it did not rise at first. It is in his own interest what the coach of the “biceps” of “J. Karaiskakis” will decide. The “hot” house worker will certainly be weighed against Olympiacos. In no case will he want to give more ball than is allowed at the decisive start of such a match, when there is also a push from the audience who can push the opponent.

Absences that limit options

In Almeida's mind: As ... AEK vs Olympiacos

The data is for Matias Almeidas. outside the EliassonAnd the Shimansky And the Cumber His level of readiness remains unknown JohnsonWho of course trained on Saturday (12/11) normally after him Hair harassment.

As much as the Argentine coach has proven that he can bring any player into his team’s playing style, the first two players have had crucial roles in the previous match streak. It’s a big loss. With the “question mark” next to Jonsson (although it’s positive to include it in the task), the problem increases for replacing Szymanski. As of course and for Match management part. The above factors – such as Zuber’s absence – make Almeida’s job of how he can come off the bench difficult. It would be different to have one amrabad (who had a terrible match last year on the same stadium) After 60 minutes, Jonson or Szymanski give a breath and run.

With the latest data, the prevailing scenario – judging by the reports – is to keep it 4-4-1-1by Athanasiades under the rafters. The colossal twin… Commando veda by Mukodi come back with them Muhammadi And the Clerical Court of Appeal to take precedence over Hadjisavi And the Sidibe For the right and left sides of the defense, respectively. The latter can help a lot in attack (his attacker is excellent, especially when approaching the shaft), but his running doesn’t seem to be up to par yet. In the midfield there is a question mark about his partner Pineda. As long as it is considered ready for main operation Johnson, will start. Otherwise, he will be recruited Galanopoulos. Moreover, it is also interesting what will be chosen for both ends of the midfield. That is, if Almeida goes with…obvious Jasenovicamrabad Or he would use something different, perhaps for in-match administrative reasons. There is also latch Who started as a player on the left in the cup match against Ioannina and who came from goals and made in OFI. It is worth mentioning that Cooperation … expatikura In the 9′ and for 11′ Between Garcia, Mandalo (as an anti-Araucho of course in the match) and Jacinović in the match against the Cretans shows what a Greek ace can offer in the common segment. From now on , i want Expected in his familiar regional role next to fibrous.

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In Almeida's mind: As ... AEK vs Olympiacos

Of course, as noted, An alternative plan should not be ruled out. Whether this is a system of three defensive or central midfielders (Galanopoulos, Johnson, Pineda) in response to Olympiakos’ good midfield, or even back to the trio in defence. It can make sense based on absence, if he doesn’t gain many chances. In general, AEK has players (such as Garcia, Pineda and others) – who can play both on the hub and on the flanks – to respond to a number of formations.

What to watch out for from Olympiacos and from… itself

Undoubtedly, this is a very tough match for AEK. She will have her opponent based strengthwhile it will also be there At its best momentum Since the start of the season. Of course, what the “Union” should pay attention to is also .. tangible things, purely competitive.

Perhaps the ‘key’ in the Olympiacos match in Livadia was deep balls – especially for him James Rodriguez– which was attempted The opponent’s defense appeared and concurrent vertical movements From his attackers (centre). AEK must be concentrated. For example, stages like 87 ‘ In a match with OFI (a slap in the back of Mukudi) – even if the match is “stopped” – it is very likely that they will be paid for “red and white”.

In addition, you will need to get them “yellow and black” The right balance between defense and attackespecially in cases where they pay. It is interesting how Olympiacos will choose to break their pressure. If he does, their defensive transitions – as they have been this year – should be the right ones (a key factor that gives Rota the edge over Sidibe).

AEK will need to disrupt the trump cards of Piraeus, to counter the strong position made up of EmbellaAnd the huang And the hot And who should go out…creatively. wanted Being And the overlap. Data possessed by the “Union” even with absence. At the same time, guests must To hit the weak points of Piraeusespecially in their defense (mainly on both sides).

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From then on, AEK must also take care of… itself. to make up for it incompetence Which shows – which not only allows to exploit the terrible production of the stages – but also to show it The necessary reaction in case he finds himself late in the result. It is noteworthy that of the five goals he received this year, if we exclude the meager goal in the final of the comfortable victory against Ionicos, in the remaining four (from Volos, Panathinaikos and Astras) he failed to recover.

He goes to Valero as… a real AEK and wants to shout it out, but “The Jungle” is something else

The goal of “yellow and black” is the championship. They… they hooked it up on the field, and they will… to scream With a “double” on Olympiacos. However, in football all results are appropriate. On Sunday night, you are likely to find Al Ittihad in the role of the loser. However, one thing is for sure. She will go to the headquarters of Piraeus as her fans used to on many occasions before 2006 and as they dreamed of for many years, like … a real AEK: for victory and already with its own competitive identity. Credit to Al-Fath Fitness Trainer who in transcriptional improvement But also in… The new ‘Palace’ aura who returned it.

In Almeida's mind: As ... AEK vs Olympiacos

Matthias Almeida manages to build a group in a short period of time, which – he requests – team members (and not only) tip their hats to him. The “two-headed” friends were always looking forward to the derby with Olympiacos. Regardless of the capabilities of their favorite team. This year is the first time after so many years, it They base their longing mainly on competitive reasons – Even in the absence of AEK – and with the confidence they have in the team that the Argentine coach is building.

The above is the most important and should not be forgotten. AEK (and their friends)… wouldn’t be great with a negative score. After all, the character that Almeida wants his team to have is based on reality. Big gains are needed. Moreover, in a field that has suffered a lot in recent years. but, The life of ‘yellow and black’ football – even in the title fight – will not be determined by today’s result. They don’t build a team for one season. This year they are laying the foundations for the race for the future. These rules were entered regardless of degree in “G. Karaiskakis”…