February 5, 2023

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In Europe there is no … standardization! In … PAOK and EPO centers for Pinheiro from the Portuguese!

In … in Takistan, in Hellas Where the “cleaners” settled everything, even the use of VAR everything is possible. Except that in Europe they don’t have.. Taxtan and “cleansing”!

And the “nakedness”… the cleaners get even bigger when things like this happen with Joao Pinheiro. You will remember the gentleman from the derby Olympiaco by BAOK In Karaiskakis mainly because of what PAOK supported with an official announcement and a letter to the EPO … I ran to “discuss” the Portuguese Federation for the benefit of Ivan Savides’ team!

I remind you that Joao Pinheiro was in the VAR for the derby in Karaiskakis and correctly called Triemanes to watch the stage of his non-existent penalty kick for PAOK. The Latvian saw the error, retracted the decision, and the “known unknown” took action to drive the whole world crazy!

Bauke followed him and officially claimed that the decision change was scandalous by sending a letter to the European Patent Office informing the Portuguese Federation and Latvia of their decision! Their right decision, but PAOK didn’t like it because it wasn’t in their best interest. And Paltakus, of course, doesn’t care how much he earns at… the status of the Hellenic Federation.

How did he end up in…the middle? To understand how seriously they take EPO and PAOK in Portugal, they appointed Joao Pinheiro to run tonight’s Porto derby with Benfica! In a few words, the Greek Federation resigned for PAOK and the Portuguese sent him a message that he must learn the basics of football!

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