July 6, 2022

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In the face of the Algerian regime’s hostility, Morocco remains incredibly calm


In a column published on Tuesday on the news website Mashhad 24 under the title “The Algerian regime: Innate hostility towards Morocco”, Mr. Attali notes that the latest manifestation of this hostile attitude took the form of an update published in the columns. The Algerian press, which talks about Arab mediation in favor of reconciliation between Morocco and Algeria.

And to clarify that this development is attributed to a “source” that means in coded language that a quarter of the generals who direct the Algerian regime deny the rumor of this mediation because, according to this source, “It turned out that Algeria publicly rejected this offer of mediation with Morocco, considering that severing relations is the last resort in the face of the so-called Morocco’s maneuvers and plots against Algeria since its independence in 1962.”

Suddenly, “this military source betrayed himself by publishing this clarification because it nullifies all the totally absurd justifications offered by the Algerian regime to motivate the severing of diplomatic relations with Morocco,” he notes, adding that this clarification confirms the fact that the Algerian regime has continued its hostility to Morocco since Algeria’s independence and not the other way around.

In the face of this declared hostility, the columnist notes that Morocco remains rigid and calm, and even better, the kingdom, at the highest levels of the state, continues to call for appeasement and brotherly and peaceful relations with Algeria, spurring the international community to do so. witness.

In this regard, Talaat Saud Al-Atlansi considers that “it is unlikely that the Kingdom of Morocco will initiate any Arab or foreign mediation regarding the restoration of relations with Algeria.” For good reasons, he says: “Morocco, in its desert, continues its strenuous march of progress and modernization, and does not care about the provocations and gestures of the Algerian regime, especially since the Kingdom has never sought to harm the Algerian neighbor. Nor has it severed its human, social, economic, geographical and political relations with its Algerian brothers.”

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Continuing that Morocco will never oppose any appeal to reason in the direction of the Algerian regime until it stops its maneuvers and devote itself entirely to serving the Algerian people. Because he points out that “the kingdom has solid and strong flexibility in its ambitions and a conviction that history begins and ends in Morocco in the Maghreb and African regions.”

He points out in this regard that the history of Algeria and the Algerian-Moroccan relations are rich in episodes that the Algerian regime seeks to hide, among other things, about the events of the Oujda group within the leadership of the National Liberation Front or the National Liberation Front. Even the city of Oujda as a rear base for logistical support for the Algerian resistance as well as a ship transporting weapons from Egypt and chartered by the Moroccan National Movement in the name of the National Liberation Front, in addition to other support positions in favor of stability. Independent Algeria, such as the proposal to postpone the demarcation of the border between Morocco and Algeria.

He points out, moreover, that “the Algerian source, who invokes alleged conspiratorial maneuvers by Morocco against Algeria since 1962, is clearly aware of the events raised but pretends to ignore them, and thus seeks to rewrite a history retroactively to serve the Algerian regime’s agenda.”

After highlighting the resounding diplomatic successes of Morocco and the increasing declarations of support by many countries for the Moroccanness of the Sahara, as well as international recognition of the credibility and realism of the autonomy plan, the author considers that then, this is not the case. Surprisingly, the regime is so angry, it insists on accusing Morocco of hostility towards Algeria since its independence in 1962.

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