February 6, 2023

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In the hanged man’s house they don’t talk about ropes.

via Twitter o Dimitris Okonomo answers on Anthony Kanakis For on-air comments from the show”False rumor” And Dora Kotroki.

Let’s remember that the well-known journalist of SKAI with commentary Antonis Kanakis was removed on the air …

But she also ran away. Look at the snakes, especially the one that starts and one day before it gets kicked out” Antonis Kanakis said at the beginning and then a related excerpt from Dora Koutrokoi was shown on the last day on SKAI and what Dimitris Okonomo told her about whether she believed in her eye.

“Are you sure you are not cursed at this time? Let’s see. The next day..Did you know something jackal? Ah Solidarity gentle comradesHe said that the statements of Antonios Kanakis were on “Radio Arvaila”, which was broadcast on 1/19 – see Here is what Antonis Kanakis said.

Answer by Dimitris Okonomo

A few hours after Antonis Kanakis’s statements, a Sky journalist responded to the broadcaster with a tweet.

“I slaughter everything, stab everything, Radio Arvilla, by the way # Kanakis, who was caught with Stathis on his back and turned him into a pagsac, deals with other accomplices. In the hanged man’s house they don’t talk about ropes, my friend,” Dimitris Okonomo wrote on Twitter.

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