December 5, 2023

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Incredible Scenes in the Aegean: Greek Answer to Turkish “Trap”.

Incredible Scenes in the Aegean: Greek Answer to Turkish “Trap”.

Yesterday Wednesday (5/1), in the North and tense moments unfolded Central Aegean with Greek pilots Nexus Ace should wait “in the corner” for the Turks, who tried to set up a now well-known provocation with national training.

The flight crew gradually studied the reaction of the neighbors Try “testing” Greek reflexes Athens later accused NATO of “caging” its fighters allegedly involved in the operation.

Fierce dog fights

In the Lemnos, Skyros and Crete battle commands, as well as on the mainland, they had been waiting since morning for a signal from the tactical air headquarters. Athens to “prevent” any attempt to illegally enter the FIR and national airspace.

Ankara project started expands Afternoon

The National Air Operations Center detected Turkish F-16s heading towards the northeast Aegean region.

Immediately The alarm went off And the observation plane was ordered to take off immediately.

Turkish F-16s violated national airspace and engaged a corresponding number of Greek fighters before moving into Nexus Ace territory on the Turkish mainland.

in return” Ankara also sent another pair of F-16sThree of them flew successive flights over Oinousses and Panagia.

Instructions for that “Totally intolerable” Challenges by the neighbors were carried out to the letter and Greek F-16s and Mirage 2000-5s in the area engaged in virtual air battles that closely “targeted” the Turkish aircraft.

The skies over the northeastern Aegean were filled with fighter jets, while Turkish drones and naval cooperation aircraft were on the move. Violations In the area between Rhodes and Kastellorizos. In this case, the neighbors found Greek fighters opposite them, waiting for them on the border of the Athenian fir.

In the same project audience

Ankara tried again Failed to seduce Athens In an ill-advised move to strengthen its position in negotiations with the US government on new F-16s. By portraying Greece as the “aggressor,” Turkey is trying to deflect congressional opposition and secure a green “light” that would save the Turkish air force and give Recep Tayyip Erdogan a crucial pre-election victory. .

In fact, the information reaching Athens is that Mevlut Cavusoglu wants to give his American representative, Anthony Blinken, whom he will meet on January 18. Filing with evidence to support false Turkish claims for Athens’ aggressive behavior in the Aegean region.

In this regard, Ankara is second only to Greece Diplomacy The reflexes of partners and allies in NATO have already been mobilized, while at every opportunity Turkey’s destabilizing role, which threatens to ignite the entire region, is highlighted.

After all, Ankara’s challenges against Athens have now been thwarted Each range of graphics Erdogan and his top officials monotonously repeated threats and warnings of an invasion of Athens.

However, the war cries are not looking good for the Turkish president, who continues his low “flights” against his political opponents, and is seriously considering holding early elections to surprise the “White Sarai” opponents and voters.