February 6, 2023

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Inseparable in Metzovo – kilometer lines from cars

The beautiful city of Epirus was full from early this morning, with hundreds of people making day trips apart from those who chose to stay there. Ionina and other parts thereof Epirus from one Thessaloniki and its other cities Macedonia She too Larisa.

The result was as follows epiruspost.gr, Create inseparability early on and complications will be inevitable. Especially due to the traffic jam, parking spaces for a large number of cars could not be found.

The queues at Metsovo’s entrances are endless, her powers custody On foot like Christmas Day…

Under the special circumstances created Municipality of Metzovo Emergency measures were taken.

He directed buses that took visitors to the center for free, and then had to hire taxis to meet demand. The films were unprecedented for everyone. The visitors who chose the area were not affected by the lack of snow, and despite being inconvenienced by the crowds, they enjoyed a sunny day on the mountain.

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