December 4, 2022

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Insurance contributions: 1.2 million self-employed people face increases (VID) | Economy news

Lifts In the insurance fee for the self-employed expected from January 1, 2023, As one of the provisions of Law 4670/2020, the insurance amount is linked to the fluctuations in inflation of the previous year.

Basically, the contributions It is projected to increase 7-8% across all five metrics for the self-employed. In particular, as presented in a presentation at Open, the first category that pays Contributions of 210 euros, from the new year the amount will increase to 227 euros.

Indeed, the Minister of Labor was asked: Kostis Hatzidakis, On this particular issue, he stated that Employees pay 20% more than self-employed This has an impact on the pensions of the self-employed.

That is, if the contributions they pay remain low, they will pay for it themselves, because they will receive a low pension.

From retired They will see increases in their pensions

As of 2023, many retirees will have a “break”. especially:

  • Around 1.6 million retirees They will see an increase of 7% or a little more.
  • One million retirees will also see an increase through it Abolition of the special solidarity tax
    200,000 Old Pensioners (before May 2016) will receive the 4th annual Brutsis Act increase
  • million retired who will receive Cashier’s check for €250
  • According to EFKA, More than 87% of retirees (about 2,100,000 citizens) will see a single or double increase in pensions.

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