December 3, 2022

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iPhone 15: ‘Pro Max’ year-end – big changes coming

The iPhone 14 on store shelves for a few days now, which has attracted the attention of many consumers, but at the same time, there are rumors about the upcoming series of apple Do not say to stop.

Going into detail, Bloomberg’s trusted reporter, Mark Gorman Who leaked countless valid information about current models over the past months, is now back to bring some new information about Apple’s future plans into the spotlight. More specifically, Gorman refers to it iPhone 15 will come with “bigger changes”.

Apple is expected to drop the Pro Max designationWhich came to prominence in 2019 with the iPhone 11. Ultra brand will replace it For the flagship model of the iPhone 15 series, the company is adopting practically the same name that we saw on the all-new Apple Watch Ultra. Of course, the new smartwatch is not the only Ultra product of the American giant, since the M1 Ultra processor is also named accordingly.

Continuing, the reporter says that The iPhone 15 will also leave the lightning port in the past, making way for USB-C. Apple has already started testing this transition, which it has been forced to do due to new EU legislation. Specifically, all new smartphones from 2024 onwards will be required to have a USB-C port to be sold in European countries.

For the record, these aren’t the only rumors I’ve heard about the iPhone 15 since then Already in the spotlight Information about the host processor of the next generation models of 2023. Meanwhile, it has been heard that every iPhone 15 will leave behind the familiar “notch” and will adopt the notch inside the screen, while there have been others Rumors about their screens.

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