December 7, 2022

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Is it worth putting 100 petrol in my car?

cent petrol It promises higher engine performance while being followed by a higher pump price than the rest of the options. But is the difference worth the money?

The Accuracy in fuel coupled with observed falsification in several casesIt updates more than ever the question of the quality of gasoline that we should use in our cars.

At the top of the options 100 octane petrol, which has been advertised as offering the most benefits to overall engine performance and running quality That is why it should concern all drivers. But it actually makes some difference;

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The answer to the above question can only be given if we first understand the meaning of the octane number. In very simple words The octane numbers show how ‘tolerant’ gasoline is to self-ignition, i.e. burning spontaneously and erratically inside the cylinder without igniting (as it should) from the spark plug.. The higher the octane number, the more gasoline that resists self-ignition and 100 is the one that shows the most resistance compared to the rest.

The Profit from using 100 octane gasoline in an engine that can run on 98 or 95 octane gasoline It’s found in chemicals companies add to fuels, which are usually of a higher quality and theoretically help extend engine life by cleaning it up.

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To see if our tank should be filled with 100 gallons of gasoline You should refer to our car manual and check the recommendations made by the manufacturer And the choices it gives us regarding the quality of gasoline we can use.

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The type of gasoline recommended by the manufacturer It can also be found in the opening that gives access to the tank cap. It usually shows the minimum octane number that gasoline must have in order for the engine to function properly.

In a different case, for example, if we fill the tank with gasoline with an octane rating lower than that recommended by the manufacturer, then The ECU may put it in safe mode, reducing its performance at the same time to protect it.

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The above applies more to modern models, With the elderly who do not have this security system and are at risk of suffering some damage with the appearance of the familiar “fireworks” Irregular ignition of gasoline inside the cylinder does not come from the spark plug.

Manufacturers usually recommend 100 octane gasoline for engines, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, Which has a high efficiency compared to its cubic capacity and is mainly used in sports cars and cars that emphasize performance.

If the manufacturer recommends 100 As the only fuel we can use, the choice is one way. However, if there is also a petrol option with lower octane numbers, we don’t lose anything in terms of fuel economy and engine performance since then. The benefits that arise in daily use are usually not realized in practice.

Especially to save fuel, The biggest role is played by driver behavior, engine capacity and the technologies it carriesi-start-stop system, Eco- mode and no gasoline octane number.

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