November 30, 2023

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“Is Light going to tell me what my brother is? The brother that doesn’t exist!”

“Is Light going to tell me what my brother is? The brother that doesn’t exist!”

I picked it up a light And the criticisms he directed at his student “Fame Story”Who sang the rebetiko “Derbenderissa” o Andreas Microtsikos.

In particular, on the music reality show Live of the Music on Friday night (10/27), Light negatively commented on the fact that they allowed a contestant to sing the specific song (Markos Vamvakaris, Vassilis Tsitsanis, and Stella Haskell), calling it a “fossil” and how not Corresponding to the year 2023.

The fisherman disagreed strongly with Nikos Koklonis and Antonis Remo. “Next time, let’s have her say fifteen iambic syllables. It’s 2023 bro, we couldn’t come up with a more random song. I don’t even know what “Derbenderissa” means. In 2023, who is singing this song?said Light, among other things.

The fisherman’s comments angered Andreas Microtsikos, who criticized Light, initially saying:

“I initially thought the station’s move to put Light on the jury was a smart move. So they put him in jail, and I admit it He expresses a portion of youth with trap rap that moves from profanity to stinking wood in trophies. I found it controversial, But to “arrest” them all and tell us what is “boring” without any arguments, I don’t accept that. Will Antonis Remos keep his calm? Will composer Giorgos Theophanos remain calm?

His “explosion” came shortly afterward, with Andreas Microtsikos saying:

This thing is unhistorical, immoral, shameful, and worthy of a curse. Light cannot tell us what Hatsidakis is, what Theodorakis is, what Zarchakos is, what Greek music is, what Markopoulos is, what my brother is. Will Light come and tell me it’s “boring”? Non-existent, irrelevant. Should we make it a talent show committee? Where does she even have the illusion of being an academic? Whose academy? Who snores the exarchs of light?

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“IM angry. What will be left of this child in a few years when his paint wears off and he cannot hit his teammates? He told me one of his songs and concluded: “All of this is immoral.”

He “turned off” Greek music. I am a proud Greek of Hatzidakis, Theodorakis, Savopoulos, Markopoulos and the new artists who are fighting,” Andreas Mikrotsikos said afterwards, after the commercial break, while He announced that he was restoring the “snoring of the Exarchs.” Because he respects the ideology of anarchists.