March 31, 2023

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Is the specter of extremism and populism back?

Fears were expressed that the specter of extremism and populism could return. How one new movement Discontent is born. On other occasions and other reasons. But with the same dynamics that can lead to political atrocities. However, the conditions are fundamentally different.

Destroy the memorial erected to remember them arson victims From Marvin Bank, Angeliki Papathanasopoulou, Epaminondas Tsakalis, and Paraskevi Zulias, through the events that accompanied the rally following the 24-hour ADEDY strike, take us back in time. 13 years ago.

It was in May 2010, when the first warrant was passed and Athens was delivered to the flames of hundreds of Molotov cocktails, one of which took the lives of the three young bank employees. with the First note The 13th and 14th salaries were abolished, public sector wages were reduced, the minimum wage was lowered, layoff limits were raised, and the retirement age was set at 65. That is when that blind “indignation” paved the way for anti-systemism and extremism.

History wrote that in 2010, PASOK alone bore the burden of the first note. It distinguished itself as a memorial party, against which at the time were both New Democracy and the Radical Left Coalition whose electoral strength was less than 5%.

In the vote in Parliament, the first motion was voted on by 172 MPs from PASOK and LAOS, while part of the articles was voted on by ND MP Dora Bakoyannis. This was followed in 2011 by the implementation of the mid-term program 2012-2015, in which it was voted only by PASOK MPs and New Democracy MP Elsa Papadimitriou.

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the bipolar note – Opposing the Memorandum, the disaffected movement created the “anti-system” from “above” and “below” Syntagma Square. “upper” arena She formed the womb that gave birth to the Golden Dawn Beast. “lower” boxwhose events were led by leading names in the coalition at the time, such as Euclid Tsakalotos, Yannis Varoufakis and George Katrogalos, who contributed the most to increasing Syriza’s proportions in the elections that followed.

was the time when populism It took off, as the dream that Greece lived from 1981 to 2009 came to an end. Something that was difficult to achieve and painful to deal with. At the same time, it was the era in which extremism and anti-regime forces arose.

The missionaries of conflict with Europe had an open field for action. The easiest thing for society was to adopt The so-called “blame game”, that is, the search for aliens responsible for the crisis. It was easier to frown, to burn, to renounce the “system” and politics, to adopt illusions and visions, to adopt scenarios, and to travel on false hopes, than to look in the mirror and face reality.

And we must not forget that PASOK was then alone and pointing fingers. With all other political parties standing in the opposite direction.

Although today The stuff is different. The passage of these thirteen years has brought about changes that few expected. The anti-system forces have been reduced. Syriza and the Independent Greeks ruled for four years, during which time the dream of the drachma died out, “no” The referendum has been held practically “yes” It has been voted on Third noteThe party of Alexis Tsipras included in the so-called memorial and systemic forces, in the eyes of extremists and populists.

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Today, Syriza cannot succeed in facing privatization. when it is the same Privatization of regional airports and TRINOSE took place. He cannot offer magic solutions, because the policies he finally implemented were very close to realism. Anti-Syriza collapsed in practice. However, with his teeth and claws he tries at the first opportunity to invigorate the mood of the old and the anger of the young.

Greece has changed today. It has nothing to do with Greece in 2010. The economy is doing much better. Unemployment decreased. The economy has sufficient resources to pursue social policies amid the health and energy crises. The country is defensively armored. It has a strong geopolitical imprint. In this sense there is no ‘fuel’, nor the fertile soil required for the Transfiguration A new wave of angerwhich will be jumped by the forces of populism and extremists.

Greek society has paid more for the fact that it succumbed to populism, broken promises and easy solutions. The citizens’ anguish for the Tmbe tragedy is deep and fundamental. It requires Answers and solutions. She does not seek to recycle old recipes, nor do sheer cries and populist prescriptions.