February 8, 2023

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Is the third part of The Last of Us coming? – A new release from Naughty Dog Spotlight fires!

Recently, various rumors have been circulating on the Internet that obedient dogin addition to the multiplayer game that will take place in the world of The Last of Us, is also preparing for the next, normal, big chapter: The Last of Us Part Three.

Now, the franchise maker and PlayStation studio head himself is coming in to add fuel to the fire Neil Druckmann. Go into details in the context of an interview he conducted with him Hollywood Reporter On the occasion of the HBO TV series premiere in January, Druckmann made an optimistic statement.

In particular, although he hasn’t clearly confirmed that a third The Last of Us part is in development, he has confirmed:

I think there is another story to tell.

At this point, let us remind you that shortly after the release of the second game, in April 2021, Druckmann again talked about a possible sequel. As he pointed out at the time, The general draft of the sequel’s story is already readyHowever, the project was not yet actively developed.

Of course, that may have changed now, since from the TV series, to the first title’s remake and multiplayer, The Last of Us seems to be one IP that Sony simply has no intention of letting go.

In conclusion, it should be noted that in the same interview Druckmann stated that there are no plans to continue the story of The Last of Us in media other than the games themselves.

We have no plans to tell any other stories other than adapting the games.

People see bad remakes and it reinforces the idea that games are just for kids. Personally, I like the idea that someone can watch the series, get moving, and then go, “Sit down, really, it’s based on a video game?”.

Remember, The Last of Us premieres on HBO on January 15th. Rather, it is expected that it will be the first episode As long as it’s a regular movie.

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