October 1, 2023

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It is unimaginable that the regional governor is being monitored

It is unimaginable that the regional governor is being monitored

In the ERT program “To the Center” with George Kouvaras, he talked about his political and personal life, Regional governor of Attica George Batolis.

Mr. Batolis mentioned the entire current affairs.

Regarding the document’s report on surveillance, he said:

“I think this is obviously a problem that needs to be solved immediately. It is already in the judiciary and I tell you frankly, the toxicity problems, the problems that can happen in our country, of course one can create. : lack of capital and investment, lack of development, unemployment”.

Asked if he would ask for an explanation, he replied: “We have to tell you right now that there is no reason for us to be monitored. As far as I am concerned, I have not changed my phone since I got it, I have the first number I got in 1996. It is for every citizen and to ask me or to me. Open to every person who wants to ask anything”.

He then said: It is unthinkable that anyone is monitoring the Athikadavu regional governor, but now that there is a judicial investigation, we will see what needs to be done. One side of the newspaper must be proved, on the other, the toxicity it continues to cause, the only problem it creates, is backlash in the country and apparently in Attica as well. From there, and beyond that, I think we should continue our work”.

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Will he be a candidate for Athikadat again? “In this term we have laid the rails, the most important projects have been done, but I believe that the most important projects are planned for the next term. So we do not leave anything unfinished. My desire is to participate. Of course we hope that his judgment is positive and will help us continue the work. Obviously I will be a candidate.”

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On whether the ND would support him, he said: “Firstly, we have a good relationship with the government and New Democracy, we cooperate at all levels. On the other hand, I tell you that we may have party identities. , we are not party blind, so we are for all citizens. For everything. As was the case with our first citizen regime above, but with the support of the Division we believe we can continue.

I see no reason why the factions should not continue to support us through our work, which is now separate, but Attica is changing with the desire to continue work related to government work. Help from the Attica region, but also the relationship and cooperation we have”.

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The consequences of an extreme weather event and the cooperation of the state: “First, I tell you that they really see the existence of a climate crisis, which you see every day near your home with unpredictable consequences. In your area, obviously in Attica, the cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Defense is at a very good level. I have to say, and this was also seen in the recent summer, and I think this cooperation is related to prevention. In terms of local self-government”.

Regarding Kolonos’ case and his photos with Ilias Mikos:

“I know him, every day about 100 people want to hold my hand or take a picture. Since 2017, I have been there in many churches, in Kolonos, Agios Emilianos, when I was with “Together we can”. Father Nikolas and the commissioner of the church Mikos. Met.I had no special relations in daily contact.There were few photos.

I see that this terrible thing that we have learned and not seen is something that we alone can resent. We think it’s a sad situation that can happen to the person next door. But on the other hand, other than that, we meet a lot of people every day, and I would say not unapproachable. I am generally a very social person and I like to meet people. On the other hand, there are sure to be people in the crowd who unfortunately aren’t what you think they are. To be honest, you never know who is in front of you, and if you know that he is a criminal or that he is committing a crime, you will not be in the mood to meet him. , not even a second’s time with him.”

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The regional resident of Attica spoke about his childhood in Petralona and his personal life, saying that he did not continue the lifestyle:

“I would say that you have to find quiet moments in life, and at the same time you create the work that the world has chosen you to do to help them with this power.”

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Will he leave politics? “Obviously each of us adapts to new conditions, but this time I want to finish my work, which in my opinion today is very important to create an Attica of growth, an Attica that puts its children to work. And an Attica as a global brand that will have culture and growth”.

Will his son enter politics? “I am one of those who say not to be a mere spectator. To capture life, to change it, which means participation. Although my son Alexander grew up in a political environment, what we told him and discussed with him should not keep him from wanting to live his life. And every young person should not be just a spectator of things. I think so. He has to create paths that will change his life.”

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