February 5, 2023

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It will be a surprise when he loses | Blog – Nikos Papadogianis

Nikos Papadogiannis believes that the winner of Olympiacos Madrid and Barcelona will be considered the favorites from now on in all his matches without exception.

The Joe Arlucas He couldn’t believe his eyes, and saw Olympiacos come back again and again from 5-7 point holes, calmly from a thousand cardinals. “Anyone who wears this shirt is automatically transformed into a fighter,” said the American, who smokes gunpowder from a Euroleague television microphone.

for Giannulli Larentzakis He was speaking, but clearly had in mind the dozens of surprises Olympiacos had achieved over the years, starting off brilliantly with the 2012 final in Istanbul.

The Prentice Don’t live here anymore, o Spanolis It’s a coach somewhere else, or Ivkovic Whispers from heaven, weaning is complete, but ten years after Sinan Erdem won Olympiacos Giorgos Bartzukas Seems to be able to continue flying high on the hillswith arguments taken from basketball, more than metaphysical proverbs.

It’s still mid-October, but the team that wins back-to-back Barcelona and Madrid cannot be considered underdogs in any analysis. “The teams in the fourth round will be Olympiacos, Milan, Fenner and Efes,” S (Barzuca’s favorite player) wrote on Twitter. Malcolm Delaney.

From now on, every setback for Olympiacos will be marked by surprise. Not his victories. to anyone and anywhere.

The “Reds” won the Madrid Without playing the bound basketball that stifles the opponent. “We are not at all decisive in defense, we allow everything,” Bartzukas complained in the break (38-37). In the second half of the match, Reality He managed 50 points (two throws 9/18 and 7/15 three-pointers), but Olympiacos was a Lernaian hydra that pops out of places you wouldn’t expect.

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When his coach needed someone to stand up to the tree body Eddie Tavaresarrived somewhat oblivious Shaquille Maksik To score not one, but four victories head-on against the towering center of Cape Verde. The Joel Poloboy He managed to capitalize on Costas Slokas’ inspiration in the fourth period (when he scored 9 personal points), but His courage against monsters was borrowed from McKissick.

Preferring to finish the match without Val, Bartzokas correctly assessed Pauloboy’s defensive weaknesses against attacking touches, but was even more surprised by his decision to banish Wafra.Thomas Wocap Until the 37th minute, in formation – I remember – he didn’t even have a Costas Papanicolaou.

to Giannulli Larentzakis The noun does not rhyme with “fourth quadrant” (such as his Kevin Porter), but we need to come up with such a pun urgently, since the Dryopid guard evolves into a kamikaze drag for crucial minutes of crucial games, the more the better. Bartzokas voted for Larentzakis instead of Wocap and was acquitted, after the Greek ace scored 8 points in the fourth game and won the right to end the match on the floor, in the form of three shorts.

Real have been swinging since pretty early on, but they’ve stayed straight thanks to their titles Sergey Yuli And in the mastery with which the captain of the “Queen” read Olympiacos’ defensive (penultimate) somewhat incoherent. But she is happy with the end result, not the winner.

When crafty slocas Hitting the winning basket by deceiving Tavares’ tired mind‘Red and White’ only had to pull off a 3 second defense to protect the gains and go for a carefree meal in the middle of the night in Donostiara.

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Corridor to the lightning rod Tavares The 3-4 meters distance from the basket was an apologetic move: “If you can’t find anything else, throw the ball to the god bass and the tall ball cleans it up.” The hub that the true center tried on exhaled out of its range. It would be a crime against logic, for Olympiacos to score from a prayer shot like this.

a Sasha Vyzenkov It develops into a mobile double doubling, and the three centers perfectly complement each other, the Peters Gives breaths that were missing in previous years, o walk towards Trample anyone who dares to attack him, or Lorentzakis It’s a different person from September onwards, while the slocas It is full of confidence that makes me think of Eurobasket and feel sad.

Olympiacos all look like a well-equipped machine, taking the counter up to 90 even with only good proportions (35/67 inside, 13/18 shots), to balance out the rare nights of mediocre defensive performance. The 3-0 match on October 19, with a Barcelona-Madrid double and a behind-closed-doors victory over the dangerous Zalgiris, would be anyone’s dream on an autumn night.

Olympiacos plays the day after tomorrow in VitoriaWhere he will be in danger from himself, not from the poor, but from the honest (and invincible like him). Baskonia. The first European date with his fans, in 8 nights of the day against the old friend Monacoyou could find him jumping 4-0 and unharmed from three trips to Spain.

However, know that you are the one who measures everything and cooks before you get hungry, that treks to remote Kaunas are hard to find.

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