September 29, 2023

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Italy faced one of its driest and hottest periods in June

Italy faced one of its driest and hottest periods in June

Meteorologist Simone Abelli said in the report that June 2022 was classified as extreme records, with 41 percent less rainfall and 3.4 degrees Celsius above average for that stage of the year.

Abelli points out that the heat lasted most of the month in the form of two distinct waves in the first week, with temperatures as high as 40.3 degrees Celsius recorded in Algar on Sardinia’s northwest coast.

The meteorologist notes that the second heat wave from June 13 to early July was prolonged and prolonged, with new historical records for that level, such as 41 degrees Celsius in Florence; 40.3 at Viterbo; 40.0 in Rome; 39.0 in Perugia and Latina; 38.9 degrees in Arezzo and 38.4 degrees in Frosinone.

In terms of drought, significant rainfall deficits were observed in the northwest with 59 percent less, in the northeast 44 percent less, in the center 51 percent less, in Sicily 73 percent less, and in Sardinia 93 percent less.

The expert points out that this prolonged lack of rain has caused problems in water supply and the balance of ecosystems, which has been accentuated not only by the damage to vegetation but also by the reduced flow of many rivers.

As an example, Abelli cited the Po River, one of the country’s most important rivers, which recorded a flow of 161 cubic meters per second, well below its average of 1,500 cubic meters for the month. The first twenty years of the 2000s.

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