March 30, 2023

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I’ve had three surgeries and now I’ve decided it’s not working

“I didn’t understand the pressures of life until then,” Vassilis Michas admits.

Vassilis Michas gave a full interview when he was on the couch of the Studio 4 program, on Friday afternoon, in which he mentioned the violent end of his childhood dream of football.

“Until I was 20, I lived in Kipseli, I played football and that was my dream because of my father and my uncle. They were professionals, my uncle had played for the Albanian national team and my father had played here for the third national team.

I was also good, I also played in the Athens mixed team, but my first injury started when I was 16 years old.

I was stubborn and wanted to, but the surgeries took about six months of recovery and I did three until I hit 20. Then I decided it wasn’t working, accepted it and moved on,” the model and actress admitted at first.

I did not understand the pressures of life. At that moment something was showing me I had to move in another direction, “Don’t push, don’t go by force, Allen.” But I didn’t understand why my blood was boiling and I wanted to play and in the end the change in my career and path happened in such a violent way.”

“When I turned 20, after the three surgeries, I didn’t have a plan B. I wanted to be a footballer and even from a young age I told my mother about it.

Vassilis Michas added to the Public Television Entertainment magazine when I realized that I could not go on with this, this period was difficult because I had built my whole life and my dreams around it.

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