February 5, 2023

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J2US: The crowd didn’t save them from last place and they left early

Another one of his life J2US Successfully hosted by Nikos Kouklonis on Saturday night’s Alpha show. The competing couples once again gave their best, not once, but twice to win over both the judges and the TV audience.

Thus, after the two performances by the pairs, Kaiti Garbi and Stamatis Fasoulis and Despina Vandi and Vicky Stavropoulou brought Lefteris Mitsopoulos, Lola and Aphrodite Gerokonstantis with Panagiotis Rafaeilis to the first place in the ranking, while Matina Nikolaou was in the last place. Vassilis Porphyrakis and Natalie Cakava with Costas Agiris.

That’s why, just before 2am, Nikos Kouklonis was called in to announce the disturbances brought about – or not – by J2US’s TV audience vote. Because, after all, viewers always have first and last say on the charming musical show Alpha.

A couple was about to sing for the last time, then on the J2US stage and leave on this ninth live broadcast. And they were none other than Natalie Cakava and Costas Agueres!

“The result wasn’t unfair at all, a surprise yes. It was a nice trip though. I want to say a big thank you to Kostas, my teacher who was a fellow traveler in all of this, I learned a lot from him” he confirmed with the presenter’s sweet smile.

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