December 7, 2022

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J2US: Vicki Stavropolo broke out about the extra kilos – ‘You’ve heard my comments too’

Vicky Stavropolo told J2US out of the blue!

On the occasion of the new appearance of Aphrodite Giroconstantis and Panagiotis Raphaelides on stage J2US Vicky Stavropoulou wanted to go ahead with putting multiple receivers on Saturday night through the air of the Alpha.

In particular, the actress and celebrity judge on the music show noted, “Those who have something to say will always say because that’s what they know how to do. Grieving Aphrodite from some of the comments you make about your excess weight Among the hundreds of positive comments I’ve received, I’d like to say the following about you and the children who might watch us from their homes. I believe all people suffer, and there is no one who does not. Personally, I divide them into two categories. who, because they were agonizing, sympathize, and tenderly take the other person’s hand and lead them into the light.”

“I want all little children to close their ears, have a purpose, and chase your dreams no matter how different you are. Whether we are fat or gay, straight, with hair, without hair. Every person, when he has a purpose and works with the axis of goodness, progresses. And I I’m not saying this in theory, I’m saying it empirically.”

“Me too, when I came out twenty years ago, I heard from some people about my comments. But after 20 years and with an extra 10 kilos, due to the last two quarantines, I want to say that my outlook on life and above all the love and support of the world has given me such beautiful things at work. So in life that I couldn’t even imagine them in my wildest dreams,” Vicki Stavropolo added on J2US Live Saturday Night in Alpha.

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