November 30, 2022

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Jaguar Land Rover: Targets sacked Amazon and Twitter technicians – Financial Post

in Recruitment of hundreds of technicians and engineers who They have lost their jobs to other big companies Wave Jaguar Land Rover In order to benefit from it in the development of the industry Electric cars to her.

JLR, owned by India’s Tata Motors, said on Friday it was “opening” about 800 new jobs for laid-off tech workers to fill shortages in areas such as autonomous driving, electric mobilityand machine learning and data science.

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Britain’s luxury car industry, which wants to become a leader in electric cars from 2025, believes workers who leave big tech groups such as Amazon are more likely to have the skills needed to fill new roles in Britain and Ireland. United States, India, China and Hungary.

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The majority of the jobs will be in Britain and will be split between JLR’s offices in Manchester and Gaydon in central England, spokesman Anthony Battle said.

What specializations are required?

“We have had vacancies in these areas for quite some time. It is very difficult to fill some of these positions because it is a very competitive market, especially for majors like software engineers and architects,” Patel said in an online interview.

“It is fortunate for us, and certainly for others, that there is now this huge availability of talent at a time when we were already planning to move forward.”

The hiring decision comes along with nearly thousands of layoffs in recent weeks at US tech companies including Twitter, Meta and Amazon, some of which have offices in London and Dublin.

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Patel added that the new functions, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, will support the company’s efforts in collecting data through which it gains insights about vehicle performance and customer behavior.

JLR last year announced a shift to an electrification strategy that would have all Jaguar vehicles fully electric by 2024 and electric vehicle options would be offered across its portfolio, including Land Rover.