June 9, 2023

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Johnny Depp: But he wasn’t Vazquez

He seems to have a new relationship Johnny Depp It may not be Camila VasquezAnd the As some reports claimed, she is also a woman and a lawyer.

As the Daily Mail reports, the woman who won the actor’s heart is Joel Rich. She is the lawyer who represented Johnny Depp during his 2018 lawsuit against Sun in the UK, which he eventually lost.

He may not have reelected her to represent him in his high-profile legal battle with Amber Heard, but he seems to hold her in a special place in his life. In fact, she was present in court during the trial in order to support him. A source close to the actor told Us Weekly: “Their chemistry is great. They are so serious about each other, it is a real relationship.”

TMZ also confirmed the publication and stated that: “The two had been dating for a while. Their romance began very discreetly, with the couple visiting hotels, so as not to attract prying eyes.”

However, it does not appear that Rich is “free” as she is in the process of divorcing her ex-husband. However, it is not completed yet. They have two children together.

He met attorney Johnny Depp in Virginia last May during his first trial Amber Heard. It is still not clear when their relationship began.

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