June 1, 2023

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Joy and Almeida’s eyes…shine!

For AEK, the match against Olympiacos is a championship final, Pelados tried to make it clear to his players and was satisfied when he saw them all in leopard…

It seems that time does not pass, and the hours are stuck for them AEKtzides who are waiting for him Olympic in New Philadelphia, This is the situation, but mainly for the team itself. Inside this match, there is a lot of impatience for this match, they know how hard it can be, they have all the derby and opponent match data on their table… and they can’t wait for the match to start. No, because they will win easily (or hard, that’s the point after all) OlympicBut on the one hand the experience of the new stadium relives the derby, and on the other hand it makes it difficult for the roommate to be at the top of the standings.

the Matthias Almeida Very happy with the picture inside the football section on those two days, yesterday and the day before yesterday, before the day of the derby with Olympic! This happened because he realized in trying to build up the “Yellow and Black” and explaining to them the importance of fighting with the “Red and White”, that such a thing is not necessary, and that the motivation within the team is huge. And he saw … Everyone got angry because they are in the team and the squad, even those who have (and have) problems and at the same time suffer from viruses and not only …

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«I’m really happy and good to work with you, I have this group, I’m really proud and I think you understand that everyone in the club, but basically and above all, feels the same about youS. said Matthias Almeida To the football players, who on their part (especially those who have had problems all this time before the match with Panathinaikos Even on the eve of the game Olympic) Proven on the turf in training but also when asked to do so himself Pelado And his comrades how they are in the leopard. And most importantly, the Argentine technician saw it himself!

He found with his own eyes that his players’ peers… are (also) shining for this derby and he felt very happy, because he is in the process of back-to-back championship qualifiers and finals. EckHe confirmed himself and all of Greece football that his team is now distinguished by a winning mentality (his greatest achievement) and his competitive identity (and his philosophy) does not change regardless of the problems that arise and the absence of people … all thanks to him Matthias Almeidawho, like football players, is expected tonight at 20:00 in the afternoon New Philafelfeia To be deified by the group’s audience…

He already has the winning match plan in mind and stays until the afternoon to make sure everyone is positioned so there is no need to make changes at the last minute. For this reason—that is, she has to wait until the task reaches her court—it is not possible to get a complete picture of the Eleven. However, it does not matter who chooses to use the venue Matthias Almeida; It has been proven and confirmed that no matter what forces change, no matter who is outside and others, the idea of ​​the central race and the response to it, does not change!

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