March 23, 2023

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Julia Fox: She takes us on a tour of her apartment – the rats, the stack of boxes and the chaos – Newsbomb – News

Julia Fox lives in a small apartment because she hates showing off her wealth.

the Julia Fox She posted a video showing her fans around her home in New York. the the actor She lives with her son and the fruits of her love with her ex-husband, Peter Artemyev, in a very small house.

While one might expect a more impressive or even luxurious apartment given her wealth or fame, Julia Fox said she chose the home in question for herself and her son because she didn’t like “wealth displays.”

“For me, personally, I don’t like excessive displays of wealth. Money disgusts me. They make me nervous. You know, especially people with really big houses… It’s such a waste when there are so many homeless people in this country.”He heard her say in the video she posted on her personal account at Tik Tok.

She went on to explain that she loves living in what she described as a “small” Manhattan apartment, while apologizing to her fans for the mess inside.

“I’ll give you a tour of the apartment. Well, I probably don’t do it so badly. Don’t judge. I know it’s really messy,” He said at another point in the video.

She even confirmed that she wanted there to be transparency between her and her fans and that’s why she wanted to show them her home. “I know you’re going to bury me. Anyway, I hope someone can see this and think ‘Maybe I’m not doing this badly'”he characteristically says.

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First, give them a ride Online to her friends In the living room of her house, which she turned into a bedroom for herself and her son. After all, as revealed, they sleep together.

“He wants to be in his mother’s room all the time. He doesn’t even sleep in his room. He sleeps in bed with me. Yes, we sleep together.” Su Li, I don’t care what you say. He is heard saying in the video about the comments he is likely to receive from various users.

as far as area From her son, she now only uses it as a play area. the the actor It appears in the video, even the mirror he has on one of the walls of the apartment and to which he has dedicated it friends who died.

“This is a mirror of my nostalgia. This is Valentino, when he was born. This is my friend Harmony, who passed away. This is my friend Jana, who passed away.”he says, pointing to them Pictures they.

Continuing the tour, the actress entered a foyer full of discarded items. In her bathroom, the clothes around her cover everything, while the kitchen counters are also full of kitchen utensils. “Don’t judge me, I know. I know it’s very messy.”He said.

in a kitchen To her, there was even a stack of shoe boxes, with Julia Fox commenting: “This is very common for New Yorkers.”

But what worries her fans the most is seen at the end of the video. The actress said she’s dealing with nobody “Slight problem with mice.”

However, it does not seem to particularly bother her, while indicating that she has no intention of chasing them away. “I let them move freely in the space. I appreciate that at night, while we sleep, they clean up the crumbs my son throws on the floor. So, yeah, I’m not going to drive the mice away anytime soon.” He says close the video.