December 5, 2023

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Karivas murder: How white van “tied” the case – New arrests coming – Newsbomb – News

Karivas murder: How white van “tied” the case – New arrests coming – Newsbomb – News

Where are the authorities’ investigations after the arrest of two men in the murder of Giorgos Karaivaz – the role of the white van

The developments in his murder case are stormy Giorgos KaraivasAfter Two people were arrested It appears that he was involved in a criminal activity.

They are two brothers from Greece. Age 40 and 48 with the initials IL and EL. , was recently targeted by the authorities and an arrest warrant has been issued against him, which has been executed, the Minister of Citizen Security revealed earlier today. Takis Theodorikakos.

One of the two lives in Nice and the other in Neo Voutsa. In fact, the first part is very important where the cleaning company of apartment buildings is located. White van Criminals used to flee from the place where journalists were killed.

But what officials haven’t ruled out is that one of the two people arrested may have had more Active role In a bloody incident. In fact, ELAS thinks that one of the two may ultimately be the case Executor of Journalist.

Both will appear in court tomorrow morning, Saturday April 29, at the former Evelpidon School.

New arrests are coming

Two more people have come under the “microscope” of police officers, and new arrests are likely to take some time.

As reported by MEGA, the hardest part of the case is arresting one of the two He must admit his involvement In the murder of Giorgos Karaivas.

But the police have a clear picture of it, says the same report Who gave the order? For journalist murder. It is with the authorities map faces, The culprits, but the motives for the murder, are said to be about the journalist’s reports that disturbed people in the organized crime sector.

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Said to be a wanted person Motorcyclist. While the man was charged, authorities reportedly tracked him down from conversations he had with those arrested. A case of extortion About seven years ago.

Along with him, another person accused of extortion is wanted and is in jail Coordination role In a murderous attack on a journalist.

How the white van “tied” the case

Every security camera was scrutinized so that the police could reach it Two partners His murderers Giorgos Karaivas.

Before that a machine was invented A white van. Evidence linked to cell phone antennas and local populations Those minutes on that day.

Another important aspect is how Same white vehicle It was also discovered the day before Giorgos Karaivas was murdered. In fact, it appears to belong to the wife of one of the two arrested brothers who run a cleaning company in the western suburbs.

It is being investigated that the criminals may have gone to scout the area that day or stopped the execution. “Caught” by Security Cameras On their escape route And the evidence that security personnel have in their hands is “tied up”.

According to STAR, it is speculated that at some point the engine was left with only the driver and the white van escaped with the passenger and the perpetrator of the cold-blooded murder.

“His memory has begun to prove” – ​​Giorgos Karaivas’s wife on

Stata Alexandropoulou Karaivas, after two arrests by the Greek police for killing her husband Giorgos Karaivas, He told “George’s memory is beginning to be vindicated. I thank the Greek police”.

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