February 7, 2023

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Katerina Pabutsaki: The first Christmas after her breakup with Panagiotis Pilavas

They decide to go their separate ways Katrina Pabutsaki And the Panagiotis pilavas After 10 years of marriage.

“The divorce was settled in very. I got over it. It didn’t bother me how it was commented on or whether I’d be chased to the stage for pronouncements… It’s a very bright period, it’s not black at all. It’s trans but not black,” she said of her divorce. ” Katrina Pabutsaki Recently on Opening Weekend.

Katerina Paputsaki – First birthday after breakup

This year, the actress spent her first Christmas after her divorce. In fact, she uploaded on her personal Instagram account a photo in which she poses smiling at the festive table and another with her son who throws a lantern into the sky.

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“Let our wishes travel the universe in hopes that they will come true! Happy Birthday! Have a great time with the people you love!” she wrote in the caption. Katrina Pabutsaki.

See related photos from her Instagram Katrina Papoutsakis:

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