September 29, 2023

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Kathimerini does not agree… | Editors Magazine

Kathimerini does not agree… |  Editors Magazine

You may already know this, but you may not. In a Sunday article written every week in Kathimerini, a professor of political science at the University of Macedonia, Nikos Marantzidis, there was a footnote from the newspaper this time. The following: “The text expresses the personal opinion of the columnist, which K does not agree with.

And the newspaper did not accept the usual “personal opinion of the columnist”, but wanted to record their disagreement in addition. Never before has it been. Not that something similar doesn’t happen often in newspapers: that is, management later writes a note that they don’t agree with a particular view of one of its columnists. It happens, but after the reader’s feedback and certainly not under the text itself. It seemed as if Kathimerini wanted to anticipate the reactions in advance.

Would you consider creating something like this, and according to the opinions of the columnists, the newspaper makes a note as well? K agrees, K finds the text just fine, K thinks the article is good but it still needs more work…

Today’s article by Nikos Marantzidis was about wiretapping and the professor’s confusion between East Germany and Stasi. And it’s an article we don’t understand why anyone would disagree with it, but anyway.

Alexis Papachillas recently said that Maximo was not too happy about some of Kathimerini’s reports of wiretaps. Reporting, basically, by Yiannis Soliotis. But I think that even Kathimerini herself was not very happy, judging by how she treated them. The “bumps” on the first page were very slight (except for one, if I remember it correctly), while the headlines on the middle pages ranged from uninteresting to confusing. They didn’t even see them and seemed to be going through the motions.

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Not to mention Soliotis’ big report of 7-8 politicians on probation (where we knew there would be more), a report that made a lot of noise, that wasn’t in the newspaper’s online edition. We thought they removed it but they probably didn’t. Why;

Kathimerini, let me tell you, is one of my favorite newspapers, which I have read completely. I know her “habits” and how they work. So I am entitled to a few more words.