December 5, 2023

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Kendall Jenner: buzz with her revealing ‘Toy Story’ outfit

Kendall Jenner: buzz with her revealing ‘Toy Story’ outfit

The Kendall Jenner Choose a character from the movie Toy Story To celebrate this year Halloween.

The Kardashian family’s supermodel creates her own “Halloween” looks every year, but this year she didn’t find the response she expected from her fans. The 26-year-old was inspired by Cowgirl “Jesse” from the popular Pixar movie series and gave the well-known character a more sexual touch.

In fact, she shared with her online friends on Instagram a series of photos of her disguise. The model opted for a pair of denim tops, which she ended up in a different fabric, with a cow figure, and wore a big red hat, with her hair in pigtails.


Although her friends loved her, writing in the comments that she was ‘the sexiest Jesse they’ve ever seen, there were also those who judged her poorly, accusing her of committing it’Ruin a children’s movie». In particular, Instagram users focused on her shorts and how provocative her appearance in general was and accused her of “Sexualize a child hero».


“This is ridiculous. It’s Halloween and you’re just destroying a children’s movie character”, “Why do you make a children’s movie hero look nasty?”, “It’s disrespectful”, Write some comments, under her post.



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