February 6, 2023

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Kiriakos works and Alexis works for us

In one day we received the following important news:

1. The first repaired ship entered Elefsina’s shipyard and the workers finally smiled. The shipowner Pappas favored this particular shipyard, providing work and income for Greek hands.

2. Second tranche of bailout fund approved despite rumours. What we don’t hear about this installment is the Leftist leaders saying right and left, it won’t be delivered. There was also wiretapping in this case.

3. A US drone base is being built in Larissa that will monitor and control the entire Aegean.

These happy tidings are the result of the plans of many people who toiled, sweated, overcame hardships and finally succeeded. They were just some of the links in a chain of government programs that would improve the lives of hundreds of Greeks and provide jobs to tens of thousands of citizens – unemployment had already fallen below 11.5% from 17% taken by the new democratic government. — Finally they will help significantly in the field of national security.

This is the only picture. An image of the works of Kyriakos. Let’s move on to the other picture depicting Alexis.

A few days ago he had met the French ambassador and said he would renegotiate the deal to buy French planes and ships. Since most people did not take Alexis seriously, his move was either commented on with derision, or questions were raised about the intentions of this unprecedented statement, in his national interests.

But Alexis seems to love the word “renegotiation” and reiterated it yesterday. He said he would renegotiate the direction of the Recovery Fund (RRF) resources. As is well known, the scheme expires at the end of 2026, which means that funds must be allocated to go in specific directions by then.

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Greece will receive proportionally the most money — 17% of GDP — of all EU countries. So any renegotiation starting in mid-2023 could lead to the loss of billions of euros to the Greek economy. Does Tsipras not know this or does he think that the 30 billion project will be renegotiated with a law and an article? Either he doesn’t know or he knows and is working for us. Irresponsible in both respects.

He also harassed a pensioner who lost his house at auction. During his days, 30,000 auctions were conducted, during his days the phone of Panagiotis Lafazanis was monitored for this reason, and finally during his days an announcement was made about the auction of a certain pensioner.

Undoubtedly, the problem of protecting the first home needs to be addressed by the government. There are proposals, let’s examine them and take quick decisions without giving way to petty political speculations.

In the end, citizens judge who works for them and who works for them, so the 7-10 point margin separating SYRIZA from New Democracy is no coincidence.