November 29, 2022

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Kiriakou and Alexis’ “bluff” for Erdogan…

By Kostas Stupas

Kiriakou and Alexis’ “bluff” for Erdogan…

The following story is known during the celebration on 28th every yearher October is published in newspapers, while in recent years it has also been published on social networks.

On the 28thher October 1940 and half an hour after the Italian ambassador to Ioannis Metaxas gave the ultimatum, Commander A. Papagos convened an emergency war council where he announced the start of the war and the defense plan. The organization of the Greek forces…

The central idea of ​​the announced plan was: “Due to the superior armament of the enemy, the line of defense is limited to the areas of Thessaly, Olympus, and the Tempe Valley” …

In fact, 1/3 of the country surrendered to the Italians without a fight because it was impossible to defend against superior forces.

After that, Babakos asked all the officers, secretaries, stenographers and others present to leave the room, leaving only the heads of the three hands.

“Fathers, what you have seen is absurd. In the evening there will be a council of war at the Evalpitan school, and you will come without official cars, without stamps. The end of the nation is one, not a dot of Greek soil. The enemy,” the commander announced to them.

I was reminded of this story in recent days as I watched the government and opposition publicly argue over where the new Marder-type armored vehicles that Greece received from Germany should be used to replace the old Russian BMP-1s stationed in the Aegean islands. And our country provided Western aid to Ukraine.

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The German Chancellor, who visited Greece a few days ago, asked, “Would it be a problem for you if Greece puts armored mortars on the border with Turkey?” That’s when the problem started. He replied that since Greece is a reliable ally and partner, it is not a matter for the German government to ask the reason for how the Greek side uses them.

“We provided these weapons programs, which means we provided these armors. We never ask what Greece is doing with them. This is not now, and we have not done it in the past with other weapons systems. Greece is a very respected and reliable partner. In NATO and I will not respond to Greece’s position,” said the German chancellor in words.

The Greek prime minister announced that the armed forces had decided to send new armored vehicles to Evros, which led to public disputes from the opposition and various “soldiers” of the keyboards.

Former Foreign Minister Mr. N. Kotsias and Hon’ble Head of General Staff Mr. Cosmas Christidis publicly expressed his disagreement with placing the mortuary in Thrace rather than the Aegean islands.

In the dance of opposition statements, the rest of the opposition journalists joined, many of whom until recently boasted that they had not served their military service in the context of their pacifist ideological views.

The consolation is that the above conflict is a “theatre” played by the government and the opposition for national security reasons…

As to when and where the various units of the Greek armed forces will be, only a small number of officers should decide and know, not to mention every bitter and graphic person who has decided to make a living off of public bribery through politics or information. .

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