November 29, 2022

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Laba’s “Not So Hard” Decision and Online Store Opportunity – Economy Mail

It is not good for any entrepreneur to have to wind down some of their activities. However, sometimes such a decision becomes inevitable.

  • Something similar happened in the case of Klukina Laba, which announced the closure of stores in Albania and Serbia.
  • Residence was considered unprofitable. Rentals, according to sources who spoke to the company’s president, Violetta Lapa, have always been unprofitable compared to turnover.
  • It is estimated that the contribution of Albania and Serbia did not exceed 1.5% of total sales.
  • However, the company will continue its presence in the two Balkan countries with its online storeā€¦


Shop wave from a major player in the industry

  • It has been 5 years since the country’s major industry and energy group transformed its companies causing waves of this move in the market.
  • The synergies between his activities have paid off today with high financial returns and significant cost savings.
  • Now, my sources say, the group itself is going through a new corporate transformation, even looking to sell one of its activities.


The Battle Against Accuracy, the “Holy Grail” and What Panteliades Prepares

  • The search for the right mix or “holy grail” against precision in food retail continues.
  • Two weeks after the official launch of the home basket, supermarket employees are still “erasing and writing menus”…
  • In My Market, they are even preparing for additional interventions, without excluding the addition of more private label products.
  • For the head of the supermarket chain, Aristoteli Panteliadis, there is no disagreement between suppliers of branded products and retailers.
  • As he likes to say to his colleagues, everyone is an ally in the battle against accuracy… no matter how much some disagree with him.
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Mr. Jumbo and the Spirit of Christmas

  • When the epidemic reached its peak and the shops were half open (with the famous tap system), Apostolos Vakakis “froze” Jumbo’s television budget.
  • Saving, as the market whispers, several million euros …
  • The biggest victim was the Christmas ads and with the TV stations…
  • As the market returns to full normality (whether Covid is still showing its teeth or not), the funky Mr. Jumbo is bringing back to TV screens…the spirit of Christmas and the traditional countdown…
  • To my pleasure, this time, the channels. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose…


On the “open line” Prodea – Lamda for Greek

  • With the works in full swing, the Hellinikon project continues to attract potential investors.
  • Information from the column indicates that Prodea is in an open position with Lamda Development, and is exploring possibilities for further cooperation.
  • Following the agreement to develop modern school facilities, the real estate company managed by Aristotelis Karytinos is interested in both housing and office space to be built on the site of the former airport.
  • The situation does not seem to deter the big players in the real estate market. It seems that they are betting on the day after the war in Ukraine and the opportunities that will arise for great returns …


Feis, Kolonaki and the famous Australian shoes

  • New “hit” by Sammy Weiss in the heart of Kolonaki.
  • The multifaceted entrepreneur has opened a boutique on Anagnostopoulou Street that exclusively stocks UGG boots made from sheepskin from Australia.
  • Although Cassandras predicts a collapse in consumption, the man who brought Nike to Greece continues to invest in Greek trade…and it’s not the only move…
  • Informants report to the column that at the same time he is plowing the Greek lands in search of new places to house Kiko Milano stores (an Italian chain of inexpensive cosmetics).
  • Soon, developments are expected from the front of Modiano Lodge as well as from the use of the Allatini Mills estate in Thessaloniki.
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Doros and a sudden concept in the academy

  • From Kriezotou at the intersection of Akadimia and Lykavittos streets, Dur’s shop is transported to the center of Athens.
  • In addition to large and commercial spaces, the new spot will also hide a surprise.
  • People in the know note that it will be more than just a clothing retailer.
  • It will be the new flagship of the Douro family in the capital, which is expected to welcome the Athenian public before Christmas …