November 29, 2022

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Lakis Lazopoulos: “Since they were disturbed, they decided and said he was out” (Video)

The well-known actor, director and screenwriter spoke about everything and everyone, also mentioning his own name.

The Lakis Lazopoulos He was a guest on the show Suspicious From mega And with him Yannis Tsimitselis They discussed everything and everyone. Of course, the discussion could not lose track of it Jedi news.

Acquaintance the actor-boss Intertwined with TV chanterelle. Speaking about the program that marked his career, he said: “I knew the audience because I saw it the next day in the world, I didn’t wait for the machines to show me what I was doing. I kept the way I understood the world, I kept the old way.”

I will insist that there are no limits to this spelling. If there are limits, the next question is who sets them. Does the suit make it? lawsuit? of setting limits Aristophanes; The Cleon and strength. The Energy She doesn’t really want to be ridiculed, she just doesn’t like it. It’s the lens that shows it exactly as it is. I definitely have no regrets at all. And if they look back they will see that I told the truth. I’m not saying I’m saying objectively, but as I see it” Dating said the actor.

“In any case, no one brought me down, nor did I do anyone any good, and since I could not say what I wanted, I made no concessions. From the moment they got upset, they made a decision and said it was out… But because I did not think what he imagined Others I have because of this audience and power, they made the mistake of taking me as their personal enemy. I did what I wanted to do.” Note the Lakis Lazopoulos.

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Night in Jada

Referring to his career over the years, the famous comedian spoke about an incident that is less known to the general public.

It’s about the night he spent serious After he was arrested for insulting at the time President of the Hellenic Republic.

He added, “We wrote a text that is not offensive because we were already acquitted, but the presidency considered it offensive. Did some of those who deceived the President of the Republic consider it offensive? I can’t deal with it and I don’t care. The point was that he said after that that Andreas calls him every night, telling him that you … and he closes the connection By it. That was the saying. When we finished, they came with microphones and told me they had recorded it. They took me to GADA. Then Anna Panagiotopoulou came on her own and took her share of the responsibility as a writer. I had so much support, it became a big deal.” explained.

“Why Lakis and not Apostolos?”

beloved the actorAnd the boss And the screenwriter It is referred to, among other things, by its proper name.

“It’s a big story. When I started working in theatre, my name had to be put in but there was no actor’s license. My name was nowhere to be seen, and I was almost illegal.” At some point, labels had to be added.Apostolos LazopoulosApostolos didn’t fit and they cut him off and called him Lakis. Lakis Lazopoulos. I couldn’t change it after that and it stayed that way.

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This is how “Lakis” appeared, as the beloved actor said, at the beginning of his career. This name was to accompany him for the rest of his career and to mark his success.