February 7, 2023

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Larisa’s dogs and their divas: “harm”, consumption and capsules in the foreground (video

The champs at yesterday’s alpha show took us on a tour of the kennels and magic track, with Larissa in the lead role, as farmers’ subsidies have been known to be used to “build” entire stores.

Larissa’s kennels in the foreground through the eyes of Stavros Theodorakis who was in our city and did a related tribute.

Larisa’s heroes in The Night of Our City, Larisa singers Marita Vecso, Vicki Nasio and Ana Maria Baita. “Theos” Fanis Athanasiadis Historic “9/8”. and Nikos Kamayanis, bartender and “beatas”.

In addition to 70-year-old “Flower” Georgia Gorgola, who has been selling carnations at the centers for 40 years, they spoke on the show about their experiences on the night courts, damage to the tracks and their experiences from years ago.

The magic of wild “kennels” is awakened by the memories of the people who were the real heroes on the tracks and in the nightclubs. Starting in Larissa, where farmers once “built” entire shops, Stavros Theodorakis “guides” us through what remains of the bouzoukis’ nightly entertainment with broken dishes and a “flower war”.

“Law” of consumption, “damages” and hats of the day but also the golden contracts of night entertainment.

The “Protagonists” meet Thanos Alexandris, who has lived near the kennels for many years. He is the author of “These Night Stays,” which was made into a successful movie, play, and TV series this year on Alpha. As a child he wanted to be a missionary. Then he began studying law and theater arts, and lived the life of a country plow with his daughters and ballets. He is also accompanied by Katrina Stanessy, a dance floor priestess who, as she confesses on camera, is scolded but not touched.

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