April 1, 2023

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Larissa train crash: Seven bodies found burnt in restaurant car

Death toll in horrific train crash In Larissa According to the latest official information from the fire department, it continues to rise, although sources from the civil defense say that 47 people died.

Rescuers recovered seven charred bodies from the dining car of the stricken Intercity 62 passenger train, a fire department representative announced at an official briefing before 11 a.m. on Thursday.

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According to him, “operations are focused on the restaurant car that was crushed by the runner-up car” and it is estimated that the removal work will be completed by noon. “The overhead passenger car is being removed, then the shortened and “C” shaped dining car will be removed. To continue the search and rescue operation, metal cutting and partial removal of their metal elements will have to be done with special machines. It is estimated that by noon, the removal of the concerned wagon will be completed,” said a representative of the fire department.

“We see the crushed in the second carriage”

Fire Department Spokesperson, Epibrachos Ioannis Baker He spoke to ERT today about the progress of the investigations and where they are now focusing. Search and rescue operations are ongoing throughout the night in the area At first light of day, it is continued by the rescue team between the second and third wagons of the train That is the second level. The two vehicles crashed into each other creating a tragic scene Not only for travelers, but also for active rescuers.

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A fire department spokesman described it as shocking. “They see the people are in a very bad condition as the two carriages collide and crash. We have already captured two bodies. At this stage it is ongoing Due to the burden and intensity of the conflict, there are not enough people doing business in bad condition“, he said.

When adding it to the “This action will have the continuity of providing all the people to their relatives. It is not possible to say how many there are at this time. They were in a position where all the cargo was going over their bodies, and now management was being made to evacuate them.” Indeed, he described the dreadful scene. “This is the point of fire and the biggest heat load. All these people were found crushed by wagons and then set on fire.”

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However, it is still not as clear as he said Because at this particular point fire and huge heat load emerged. At the same time, the images projected from the scene of EMAK men holding sheets and black bags are heartbreaking.

Speaking on SKAI radio, he said, “The first three compartments of the passenger train received all the load and the brunt of the collision. The sheets worked like knives, cutting everything in front of them in lightning time.”

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People at the scene of the tragedy are waiting for a miracle as rescue teams continue their search in Tempe. For the miracle of finding their own missing person alive. One visibly exhausted and emotional man who spoke to the Star said he was searching for his father in the rubble.

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With the help of crane vehicles, special teams continued to work in parallel on the first two wagons, which turned into amorphous ironwork and completely burned. Everything is done with great care, owing to the danger of the situation and the great size of the wagons.

In fact, until all parts of the train are tested again and again, everything is sure to be investigated. The rescuers and EMAK teams, step by step, explore every nook and cranny of the wagons, looking for passages that can be entered at all points.

Tents have been erected around the accident site and arrangements have been made to conduct the operation. There the rescuers take a few breaths, regain their strength and continue the search.

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