September 29, 2023

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Let the bets rest on Vassalo-Valavanis at Survivor All Star

Let the bets rest on Vassalo-Valavanis at Survivor All Star

It starts in Santo Domingo and we’re already producing scripts.

It’s not like we haven’t seen “The Project” before, the proof is in the televsion starting tonight in Santo Domingo. We don’t talk about them Konstantinos Vassalos And Eurydice flavani – Although the article is for them – but for them Saki Katsoulis and Marialina Romiliotis Who entered separately and left together in love with the penultimate survivor.

Of course, we didn’t know there was another survivor after this.

Without knowing what and if we will watch the new “bet” of the reality area on Greek TV -aka Survivor All-StarWe feel so without him Dano The only thing that can attract us at first is the reunion of former lovebirds, Vassallo Flavani.

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«I want to avoid tensions in general. To have clear thinking and a clear mind. There should be no doubt about the vote, in the existence of an allianceVassalos announced, but we are not at all convinced. Tonight we will have a first look at what is to come. Of course, with the days and the sounds and the battles, the “fronts” that will arise will be many, but perhaps these are the first intrigues you think of.

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Without Dano and Daffy, we don’t know where to focus in Episode One.

what do you think.