December 3, 2022

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Liolios to Teams: “If you want to judge, I’ll give it to you!”

The long-awaited EEC-ESAKE conference gave way to “white smoke” with the normalization of relations between the two sides after the cold period caused by the cancellation of the licensing process voted on by the same groups. Establishing a lottery for arbitration and what was discussed.

The decision of eight groups to vote against the negative recommendation of the Licensing Committee (17/06) regarding the participation of AEK, from Larissa, from Aris so is Apollo Patras At the next tournament, he opened the Aeolos bag in the EEC-ESAKE ties.

This was followed by a scathing announcement from Al-Ittihad (25/06) that basically confirmed everything that had been announced in an extraordinary press conference for its President Vangelis Julius, stressing that European Economic Community He ceases to participate in any way in the tournament organized by him I wasunable to become complicit in the illegal actions.

Since then, any efforts to bridge the gap and create a platform for understanding have fallen on deaf ears and today’s teleconference was essentially the first time that the sports guardian and the organizing authority for the tournament met online.

The only item on the agenda proposed by his team I was, in terms of how Greek basketball works, the referee was the referee. her boss KAE Panathinaikos, Vassilis Parthenopoulos He proposed moving the critical field of arbitration from the sponsorship of the Federation, which it had always been, to the equivalent of the Federation, and the Greek basketball strongman announced his willingness to grant it.

“If you want to take the refereeing to ESAKE, I give it to you now with a signature! Do you want this to go into effect from now on and appoint referees for the Super Cup as well?” Julius Addressing all groups, for Mr. Parthenopoulos to reply that his proposal has no immediate effect, he simply takes it to indicate an issue which needs discussion for the possibility of it becoming valid from the coming years.

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The debate on refereeing concluded with the announcement by the EEC President that a draw will be held for match officials, who will be ranked according to the degree of difficulty of each match.

The 3.5-hour conference call ended in a very good atmosphere, with both sides agreeing to form a working group with representatives from both sides to further discuss any changes that need to be made.

One of those that seems to have been passed on, again arose from his suggestion Panathinaiko And it was about changing the list that wants each team to announce 6 foreign players available and raise them to seven, but without changing the limit of six who are entitled to participate.

As for the rest of the issues that were discussed and “ratified” mainly by agreement of the parties, it was related to the financial relationship between EEC and ESAKE, and to facilitating clubs for national teams in terms of awarding their players for international matches. As well as the full alignment of the league with its platforms Fiba.

Which essentially bans the participation of any team that has not “cleared” the ban and automatically results in all tickets being canceled, even if non-compliance with any of the regulations is reported.