December 4, 2022

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Litsa Patera – Signs: Lunar Eclipse and Interest in New Beginnings (Video) | zodiac signs


Litsa Patera – Signs: lunar eclipse and attention to new beginnings (video)

Read it to me…

Detailed predictions, by the astrologer in the “To Proinono” program, Litsa Patera, for all signs of the zodiac.

aFu Good morning, astrologer “To Proinono” talk about it Lunar eclipse In the new week, he emphasized that it is a good idea to be careful and not start things today.

As the astrologer pointed out, there should be no fear, but you should pay attention to financial matters, as well as old cases that may come to the fore.

Unexpected events can happen, and it would be a good idea to stay “out of sight,” says Letsa Patera, among others.

Right after that, the show’s astrologer mentioned that Her detailed predictions for each zodiac sign.

Watch the astrological predictions from Litsa Patera in the show “breakfast”:

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