February 6, 2023

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Litsa Patera – Zodiac Signs: Christmas Predictions (Video) | Zodiac signs


Litsa Patera – Zodiac Signs: Christmas Predictions (Video)

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Detailed predictions from the astrologer in the “To Proinono” program, Litsa Patera, for all signs of the zodiac.

For a nice period in the coming days, which begins today, Litsa Patera spoke at the beginning of the section with astrological predictions, in the show “Breakfast”, Christmas Eve.

like he said Mine, “We have a new moon in Capricorn and it’s very beautiful, with beautiful aspects of Venus and Mercury.”

“The new moon means we can make new beginnings. Venus is a very beautiful aspect of Uranus. Venus is the way we love, and the way we will treat our loved ones. Uranus is the abrupt.” added the Litsa Patera.

like he said MineAnd the “You can win big or find the love of your life”in addition to that “Mercury gives a gentle aspect to Neptune which makes us think nice thoughts.”

Immediately after that, the astrologer displays, next to her Maria Corinthio, mention them Its detailed predictions for each zodiac sign.

Watch astrological forecasts from Litsa Patera in the show “breakfast”:

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