November 29, 2022

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Live Chat Panaitolikos-Panathinaikos 0-1 (Final)

A dangerous exit for Panathinaikos.

The champion of the tournament is hosted by the illustrious Panetolikos in Agrinio, where the former coach of the team is Giannis Anastasio. Of course the Greens want Victory to maintain their divergence from their pursuer, while the Agriniotes want to secure accommodation as soon as possible.

Giannis Anastasio will have at his disposal Jorge Dias and Nadri Dago, who have overcome their injuries. In the expedition Anestis, Apostolakis, Houchoumis, Mladen, Bakakis, Karelis, Varone, Pedro, Dago, Dias, Hatzitheodoridis, Cornelius, Larson, Martenson, Flores, Kolovos, Xenitidis, Morsey, Sengelia, Stergiakis, Tsingaras, Kontogiannis.

Ivan Jovanovic, in addition to Etor, Palacios, Tarouge, owns Bongora. The squad includes Brignoli, Ludigin, Zinopoulos, Vaianidis, Huancar, Ruben, Sinquefield, Ionidis, Sporar, Bernard, Gania, Sanchez, Tsukai, Corbeles, Magnuson, Cotseras, Sarlia, Verbich, Xavier, Campetsis.

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