June 1, 2023

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Logic and “Losers”

charge now pre-election season Puts the imperative before the citizens dilemma direction of the country. Do we walk the mind in safe ways or do we fall again victim to the experiments of novice witches?

For some time now, it has overshadowed the public debate unclear and misty suggestionslogical leaps and retrospective promises from those of S I was whistling keep in “subject bank” of his political fantasies.

the Syriza He talks about the government “gradual” But since he will not be the first party in the elections – and he knows it – this position is pretentious and undermining from the very beginning. This is proven by the fact that not a single meeting was held with any other small opposition party to investigate the convergence of programmes.

to check an agreement In the stifling margins of the Three Days of Orders of Inquiry it is impossible or inconspicuous. A programmatic agreement like the one reached between parties in Germany intending to co-govern takes months and requires painstakingly detailed records of every political action.

the PASOK with a double rejection “Neither Mitsotakis nor Tsipras” Because of people but also rejection Of the remaining forces for ideological reasons, the pre-ideological impasse in which they fell betrays. Which, after all, is proven by his steady decline in the polls.

And while “ifs” are taboo in historiography, likely in Policy Not only is it not territorial, but on the contrary it is more necessary than ever.

Therefore, the possibility of another one opens before us stable government New Republic which will continue the growth which has taken place at an unprecedented rate for a country emerging from crisis, and, on the other hand, create a governmental scheme of electoral competition with little proportion.

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In my opinion prescribed weakness formation Government Due to simple proportionality, it is strengthened by the unfounded attitudes of “Day 25But it is also the Syriza officials who took care to remind us what exactly the partnership of Tsipras and Varoufakis means with the memory mill to close the banks that returns as a farce in the political debate.

A government of this kind would be brought together by the “logic” of the state of force and would not be inspired by anxiety over the good governance of a place. The result will be an intermittent and largely self-denying policy with sharply subversive intentions in a number of sectors.

For example, in section Ha Foreign Policy And only Verbal acrobatics Syriza’s renegotiation of agreements would alienate us from our allies and invigorate reactions in Europe about the “bankruptcy” of Greece, with all that this means for our negotiating position toward Turkey.

in Economybeyond the obvious Adventure and devaluing economic data in the SYRIZA software, but also memory-crunching business – issuing auctions, Exhaustion The middle class, closing banks, cutting pensions – does not bode well for the future.

really is Incomprehensible the insistence them in discount to Value added tax in foods A special tax on fuel would take revenue from the state and would not exempt citizens. the Example Ha Spain, which they are so fond of conjuring, proves that “talk is safe.” The discount did not reach the consumer!

measured discreet And successful administration On the financial level of Southwest Is that Greece for 2022 achieved primary A surplus of 0.1% of GDP Against an expectation of a deficit of 1.6% of GDP and at the same time there was the fastest deleveraging of 23.3%. And this is despite the waves of crises that we have experienced.

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With clear talks, with the work of the past four years and with a realistic and costly program for the coming year, ND is able and willing to continue the path of development, stability and welfare of the citizens.

* Theodoros Roussopoulos is an MP for ND in the northern sector of Athens II.